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Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday's Wet Dripping Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

As the various local Taxi Cab Companies seek to blunt the Uber encroachment into their once, exclusive Fare Base, the noted Marco Soto (aka. the husband of Francine Godoy) and his Yellow Cab employer, seeks to find the mysterious hacker responsible for disrupting its phone lines. 
Marco Soto (left), Ed Headington (ecnter) and CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (right).
** These are not the best of times for the Taxi Cab Community as Uber takes a big bite into its once, exclusive Fare Base. Thus, any disruption of business is of profound concern as witnessed by the recent (starting February 24), alleged Hacking for Ransom Scheme, involving Yellow Cab's
Customer Service Phone Lines.

As noted by Yellow Cab's Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs (also known as the Husband of former CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy), customer data was not compromise in the alleged "Hacking for Ransom Scheme".

Customer data doesn’t appear to have been compromised in the attack, spokesman Marco Soto said. It’s unclear who’s behind the ongoing digital attack, but Gardena-based L.A. Yellow Cab has been asked to pay an unspecified ransom to stop it.  

While not attempting to minimize the serious nature of the alleged incident, we cannot help ourselves in comparing the Yellow Cab "Hacking for Ransom" mystery, to the on-going speculation regarding the employment status of his now wife .........., and former Sexual Harassment Litigant Francine Godoy.

A discerning observer could make a comparison that the Hack for Ransom Scheme, has similarities with Godoy's Sexual Harassment allegations, as both are (or were) alleged attempts to extort a monetary (or gainful employment) return.

But in the interim, we can only speculate (below) who was responsible for this latest Hacking for Ransom Scheme.

BTW Marco, your Wife's former Boss may take issue with this recent Contribution to his "Northeast LA Political Rival" ........, 10/22/15  L.A. Taxi Cooperative, Inc. DBA Yellow Cab  address redacted Gardena , CA   90249  Other (Non-Individual)     $700.00 $700.00  $0.00 to
A Hacker for Ransom ........, or a certain, now Bureau of Sanitation Employee?
** We bring this Pronouncement of Spin on CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar's latest support of DWP/IBEW-blessed Rate Increases via the Officeholder's ..............., El Sereno Office Staffer Julio Torres (please note that the Princeton Graduate's staffers are compensated nicely for shielding their Boss from discerning constituent commentary).

Julio Torres  from El Sereno Central West  8h ago Under the water rate plan, the average customer will see a 4.76 percent annual increase, amounting to an additional $3 per month. A monthly bill of $57.79 for the typical residential water user would  increase to an average rate of $72.90 at the end of the five- year period, according to an example in a staff report.With the electricity rate increases, the typical single-family household in Los Angeles could see monthly electricity bills go up a total of $12 over five years.Utility officials say the rate increases are necessary to upgrade aging water pipes and make energy use more reliable and meet environmental mandates.I'm sure CD1 (** who's Councilman voted NO regarding the increases) residents would pay a few bucks more in order to have their water pipes replaced. CD14 water pipes are being replaced in our district now before more water main breaks happen. 
Please note that Julio's "Pronouncement of Spin" on behalf of his Princeton Graduate Boss, was greatly appreciated (and paid in part) by City Hall Bully/DWP/IBEW 18 Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo".
10/26/15  IBEW Local 18 Water & Power Defense League [ID: 744817]  address redacted Los Angeles , CA   90004  - 4340  Small Contributor Committee     $700.00 $700.00  $0.00
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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