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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WANTED!! A Certain "Charles Lloyd Beck (aka LAPD Chief Charlie Beck)" ** Disclaimer: This was No Joke

In an extraordinary Act of Judicial Discretion, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford issued a Bench Warrant (with Body Attachment) for LAPD Chief Charlie Beck after his failure to appear, as requested, in the Trial of Luz Flores and Evan Bunch, as disclosed by Jasmyne Cannick ..........., and mostly unnoticed by the local media. 
We interrupt our bloggin coverage to bring you the latest "LA Most Wanted Top Cop"
** Blogger's Note: A bloggin trick question for our cyber audience ............ who will see the inside of a cell first involuntarily, former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca or a certain "Charles Lloyd Beck" (who also is known as LAPD Chief Charlie Beck)"? In a bloggin Scoop that the major media either ignored or fail to notice, Blogger Jasmyne Cannick discloses (with background documentation pictured below) the Bench Warrant (with Body Attachment served on LA's Top "Wanted" Cop by LA County Superior Court Judge David Herrimore last week.   
The appropriate attire for serving ........., or being served.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herrifordissued the bench warrant at the request of defense attorney Nana Gyamfi after Beck and the City Attorney’s office failed to show up in court in the trial of Luz Flores and Evan Bunch on Tuesday.  Both Flores and Bunch are charged with multiple counts of resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer and trespassing. This after they were arrested last year in the process of trying to speak with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at Mt. Carmel Recreational Center in South Los Angeles on the opening night of the Summer Night Lights program. These are also the same two individuals that both the Mayor and police chief were denied a restraining order against.

........, and about that "Body Attachment"?

A bench warrant with a body attachment is just what it sounds like. It is in effect an order to go and seize a person and bring them to the judge that issued the attachment. So for just over 24 hours one of Chief Beck’s officers could have legally gone and done just that. 

We ponder how a new certain "Community Relations Unit (and its Beck-friendly Captain)" would of documented this?

Superior Court Judge David Herrimore's Bench Warrant (with Body Attachment) for a Charles Lloyd Beck.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson In CD 14

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