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Monday, March 14, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As various Los Angeles Politicos led by Mayor Eric Garcetti play Catch Up in mitigating the Environmental Hazards originating from the now-shuttered Exide Battery Plant, we ask "State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First", what, if any of his requested "60 Million Dollars, City of Vernon Environmental Reparation/Good Neighbor Fund" has been allocated to help constituents affected by Vernon-based factory.
As members of the Los Angeles Political Machine (especially those representing the communities surrounding the shuttered City of Vernon Factory) engage in an expensive, tardy response to the decades-long environmental damages, we pause to ponder what became of a certain, City of Vernon-financed "$60 Million Dollars Environmental Reparations/Good Neighbor Fund", demanded by the now "State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First", in return for supporting the exclusive city's continuing incorporation.
From a 2011 Mayor Sam Blog Post, we noted that the $60 Million Dollars Fund, was nothing more that a payoff to the now State Senate Leader for his support of the industrial enclave against the efforts of then Assembly Speaker John Perez to abolish the ethically-challenged city, as noted below.

The EGP reported that The city council late last week unanimously approved the reform package that includes increasing accountability and transparency, doubling the size of the city's electorate, and reparation payments to surrounding communities that have "born the brunt" of "Vernon's shortsightedness." They agreed to give $5 million each to the Hazard Park Youth Armory in Boyle Heights and to renovate Salt Lake Park in the city of Huntington Park. Another $50 million will be spent over the next ten years on services for the surrounding community as part of a "good neighbors program." (** $60 Million Dollar Shakedown by Senator De Leon?)

In hindsight, we wonder whether the gift-loving, San Diego-native would care to comment if a funded, One Stop Center for constituents affected by Exide, should of been paramount in being created via allocations from the Vernon proceeds ..........., instead of some dubious desires of a campaign-supporting, Connected Non-Profit?

** We are expecting a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from the backers of he Neighborhood Integrity Initiative in the coming days. The Cabal of Organize Labor and Developers who are seeking to counter the growing momentum of the Grass Roots-inspired response to ceaseless, rampant over-development, have been battling among themselves in crafting a counter initiative that would appear on the November, 2016 Ballot.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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