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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

An Afternoon Brief on the Burning LaBonge for Wednesday

What is the resulting "Corrupting Smell" when the Unofficial Historian of the Los Angeles City Council becomes the "Burning LaBonge of Public Documents"?
Why would the Burning LaBonge want to keep secret his Sister City Endeavors (meant expenditures)?
** Blogger's Note: For those who were regular observers of the Los Angeles City Council during the just-concluded, CD 4 City Councilman Tom LaBonge Era, will find it hard not to remember a time when the Griffith Park-representing Officeholder, would cite some historical footnote or antidote, pertaining to official business ........., and especially his travels on behalf of "Sister Cities of Los Angeles".  

From Athens Greece to Yerevan, Armenia, the former CD 4 Officeholder (with football ........, and paid staff), was a constant in traveling the world in promoting the Los Angeles Brand of Citizen Diplomacy, establishing formal "Sister City-relations" with 25 municipalities. 
The "Burning LaBonge's" belief in archiving Public Documentation on Display.
But in lieu of the recent disclosures of the former Unofficial Historian/Officeholder's channeling the past destroyers of the Alexandra Library, via putting to flame, a majority of his Public Files, discerning observers can only ponder why the "Burning LaBonge", did not establish formal Sister City ties with the annual Burning Man Festival .........., which surely would of been universally supported by his colleagues (with ample, donated boxes of "politically flammable" documentation).
"The Burning LaBonge of Public Transparency (fueled by paper documentation)".
Judging from the amount of paper documentation put to flame by the Burning LaBonge, its easy to discern that the former aide to the Namesake of the John Ferraro City Council Chambers, was a late arrival to the Age of Digital.
Before shredders became the tool of choice to destroy documentation, incineration was the ideal choice to rid self of excess, useless files that were never transferred to a digital format ......., like the page printout below, denoting a $6,000 dollars allocation to the Sister Cities Non-Profit from the CD 4 Discretionary Funds.
From the City Clerk's 2013 Fiscal Year "General City Purposes Fund Report".

We here at Mayor Sam are no strangers in seeking access to Public Documents as evident by our multi-year efforts to bring transparency to the CD 14 CLARTS Fund and we share in supporting the work of CD 4 Constituents, along with its new City Councilman David Ryu, in making ALL of the previous Officeholder's inner-workings, public.  
After all, a TRUE Historian would not let the "dealing of politics", get in the way of transparent documentation ........, unless they have something nefarious to burn.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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