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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Morning After, Gun-citing Spin (Again) on the Presidential Campaign Scene via "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo

The noted former Mayor Sam Blogger, now rarely successful Campaign Consultant/Manager Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo, is feeling "The Bern (or pending bloggin burn of another gun-related spin, prompting flashback)" as he shills in denial, the debacle of Hillary's New Hampshire Primary Defeat.
"Chief Parker": NOOO!! Not another "Bullet between the Forehead Email" Flashback!!

** Blogger's Note: Somewhere above, a certain bloggin creator will get a laugh out of the following missive regarding a former cyber cohort, turned rarely successful Campaign Consultant/Manager ......., with a fondness for political mischief.
As the sun rises on a Godzilla El Nino-influenced 80-plus degrees day after the New Hampshire Primary, where the "Mechanic" of the Clinton Political Crime Family, was defeated by the comrade supporters of "Red Sanders", the heat is sure to add sensitivity to "THE BERN" inflicted on those supporting the Crony Capitalist Establishment-fronting Hillary Rodham Clinton ......., such as Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo.

Our former Mayor Sam Blogger, along with other local members of the Political Machine Chattering Class, took to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media mediums, to engage in the crafting of Spin, but as the size of THE BERN's victory became reality, its affects on "MEAT/Chief Parker" prompted the following note of disparagement regarding "Red Sanders" supporters ............, NBC News is reporting that Senator Sanders is garnering 68% of voters who own guns. Not Shocked. 
Pardon the momentary thought of AK-47-armed supporters of Red Sanders, marching to the tune of the "Internationale", ........., but if memory serves me correctly (and the infamous email below confirms), "MEAT/Chief Parker" is the LAST PERSON who should be attempting to disparage supposed, gun-toting supporters of an opposition campaign.
Unlike the "Mechanic Hillary", we take pride in disclosing past emails, including those that highlight the hypocritical thought processes/desires of political operatives, especially when they are craving (in writing), "PUTTING A BULLET BETWEEN THE FOREHEAD" of its campaign opponents. 
The only byproduct that results from the former 2008 Hillary Campaign Field Director's gun-related spin, is to bring unwanted attention to his past "termination-resulting campaign antics" ........, and the resurrection of discussion regarding the suicide death of Hillary Confidant Vince Foster in Fort Marcy Park.
Yet, despite this latest bloggin "MEAT/Chief Parker" outing, Trujillo will find political solace in being part of another Hillary Clinton Campaign, that attempts to usurp the will of its electorate via the buying of Super Delegates, in another attempt to beat a Minority Candidate ........, supported by the majority of democratic voters----Scott Johnson.
Page One of "MEAT/Chief Parker's" Email. 

Page Two of "MEAT/Chief Parker's" Email.

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