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Monday, February 08, 2016

The AB-109/Prop 47 Mike Feuer Crime Blotter HOT Briefs for Monday

As the debacle of former Assemblyman (now City Attorney) Mike Feuer co-authored AB-109 Prison Realignment, mixed with Prop 47, manifests itself in Rising Crime Rates throughout Los Angeles (and Statewide), various community groups are demanding a larger share of a finite amount of available Law Enforcement Officers.
Cringing when witnessing the debacle of City Attorney Mike Feuer's role in crafting AB-109.
The co-enablers of "Policing through Cronyism".
** Blogger's Note: Great Monday after the Super Bowl to all as our 2016 Crime-themed, "Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest Satire", became all too real in Boyle Heights yesterday morning as a car with three passengers, knocked a house off its foundation, after being targeted in a shooting that resulted in the deaths of the male driver, a female passenger and injuries to a third person. 
The brazen, near mid-day shooting and resulting crash within Churro-length of Mariachi Plaza, is the latest homicide within the Hollenbeck Division Jurisdiction that has contributed to its second-ranked, highest increase in Violent Crimes city-wide.  
Horrific Scene in Boyle Heights on Sunday. 

While the likes of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and City Attorney Mike Feuer have been muted in linking the rise in the Crime Rate to AB-109 Prison Realignment and the more recent Prop 47 (unlike the Rank and File Officers and the Police Protection League), community groups are organizing in seeking their fair share of finite, crime-fighting resources.
San Pedro's Harbor Division Gathering for More Police.
The impact and the media attention garnered by the San Pedro Activists, did not go unnoticed in other areas of the city as exampled by "CD 7 Open Letter" Co-founder Brian Schneider.

Who in this group would support a public demonstration at Foothill Division along the lines of what our friends in San Pedro just held? It got a lot of play on the news. Their demands in SP are very similar to ours. As you know, we've really been seeing movement from the mayor's office, not so much from FF. I believe the Police Protective League would support us as to our goals. We'd need at least 200 people to show up and we'd need to coordinate so media would show up. If you'd be interested in participating, can you please indicate that here? WE DO NOT HAVE A DATE YET. 

Our Sunland-Tujunga Friends may want to engage with PPL, in sharing with everyone what Chief Beck did to the Special AB-109 Compliance Unit that was responsible for parole sweeps in places like the Tujunga Wash, where Homeless Parolees have set up camps .........., while funding a dubious Media Relations Unit, overseen by a "Close Associate".

In an ideal world, acts of civic engagements, as exampled by the recent San Pedro and the upcoming CD 7 gathering, would be common place and the likes of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and City Attorney Mike Feuer (along with his Sacramento Democratic Friends), would be held accountable for a deadly Prison Reform Debacle.
LAPD Hollenbeck Division Captain Martin Baeza with CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar
Yet, in CD 14's Hollenbeck Division, the mere mentioning of the blunt reality of a Rising Crime Rate, is frowned upon ........, and utterly ignored by its micro-regulating Officeholder, while the priority of his crony-filled Community Police Advisory Board, is supporting ABC Licenses for USC, when it should be garnering increase support for the stretched-thin, Uniformed Rank & File, to suppress the repercussions of a failed, public safety policy.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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