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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grayce Liu's "New and Improved LA-32 Neighborhood Council (** with approval of Councilman Huizar)"

"Disempowerment LA (DONE)" General Manager Grayce Liu can smile knowing that her (and Councilman Jose Huizar) favorite new incarnation of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, is exerting the MINIMUM in outreaching to the community regarding upcoming meetings.
24 hour outreach is fine with Grace (with Councilman Jose Huizar's approval) for the LA-32 NC.
Lets play "Which of the LA-32 NC Committee Special Meetings of 5-28-14, will have alcohol for sale to constituents"?
** Blogger's Note: With no apologies to "Disempowerment LA (DONE)" GM Grayce Liu (with approval of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar), your latest incarnation of the LA-32 NC is a dysfunctional ....., and ethical farce. Below for your review are SIX LA-32 NC Special Committee Meeting Agendas for formal (if legal) conduct of business, between 5-8 PM today. For lucky community stakeholders who signed up for electronic notification, you were given the bare minimum amount of time of formal notification that the supposed community-elected entity (with Councilman Jose Huizar's approval and financing, allegedly), would be conducting formal business. Most objective NC Activists within the City of LA, would likely agree upon reviewing the agendas, that the LA-32 NC is doing a community disservice by grouping all this meetings together, with the minimum amount of notification. Further, the choice of a location, where alcohol is available for consumption, should be given reconsideration, considering that current LA-32 NC President Marleen Fonseca (formerly Caudillo), was terminated from her previous LAPD employment for multiple alcohol-related offenses---Scott Johnson in CD-14.    
The LA-32 NC Beautification Committee "Special" Meeting, starting at 5:30 PM, within a politicall-connected eatery (that serves alcohol).

The LA-32 NC Business & Economic Development Special Meeting, at 6 PM, within a politically-connected eatery (that serves alcohol).
The LA-32 NC Ad Hoc Standing Rules Committee Special Meeting at 5:00 PM, within a politically-connected eatery (that serves alcohol).
The LA-32 NC Public Safety Committee Special Meeting at 6 PM, within the Rose Hills Recreation Center.

The LA-32 NC Land Use Committee Special Meeting at 5:00 PM, within the El Sereno Library.
The LA-32 NC Executive Committee Special Meeting at 7:00 PM, within a politically-connected eatery (that serves alcohol).
Remember Public Meetings and Drinking don't mix
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

From an unidentified person.

May 28 at 3:46 PM

Given that the Neighborhood Council System was set up by ex-Mayor Richard Riordan in order to prevent the San Fernando Valley from seceding from the City of Los Angeles and because the demographics of the Valley have changed it is time that the entire NC program is scraped.

The Neighborhood Council System is not a legal independent body as the City would like us to believe but rather, as the Political Integrity Division of the District Attorney’s Office, has stated it is a City Agency and as such they will not investigate any wrong doings on its part.

It is nothing more than unpaid Council Staff.

Seasoned Councilpersons know this and that is why they go to great lengths to influence the election of people they can manipulate or buy through funding of their various groups and activities, in some cases even rewarding those they deem useful with future city employment opportunities.

The NC’s in poor and non-politically involved parts of the city are nothing more than carpet bagging cheer leaders for the Councilperson’s office.

As for LA-32 NC what can you say when many of the current board members did not grow up or live in the area. The President grew-up there and left to live in South Pasadena and Alhambra then after having her home foreclosed moved back to live with her mother. Although it has been alleged she lost her home due to her various legal and employment problems base on her DUI Violations, it can be said that she was elected through the efforts of Councilman Office even though she was never involved with or held any office in any previous LA-32 NC Boards.

We have residents from El Monte, Alhambra and recent move ins from other sections of the City, where the Councilperson, has great influence but there are no long term local community activist on the LA-32 NC Board.

Currently property owners, business and citizens have as their first step to try and get approval for their projects or activities by Boards made of up such outsiders.

What we need is more actual political representation; it is time that we look at doing away with the Neighborhood Council System and increase the number of Councilpersons.

The last elections proved that the City is full of corruptible political influences. Increasing the number on the City Council would at least give the Citizens a voice and an opportunity to legally stop the abuses that are occurring in the present Neighborhood Council System

May 31, 2015 9:54 AM  

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