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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

We have a former CD 3 City Councilman Dennis Zine sighting as the KRLA 870 AM "Randy Economy Show" broadcasts LIVE from his hometown Cerritos.
 Former CD 3 City Councilman Dennis Zine and Blogger/Political Consultant Jasmyme Cannick, on air discussing current LAPD-related issues.
** Blogger's Note: This blogger want to extend his heartfelt appreciation to KRLA 870 AM Saturday Talk Show Host Randy Economy for the opportunity to share in some On-Air Witnessing, regarding the Memorial Service for Mayor Sam Blog Founder Michael Higby. It was fitting end to a long, emotional day that had its genesis in mourning the untimely departure of a local bloggin visionary, yet ended in a positive resolve to continue on with the mission of Mayor Sam, as Michael would have wanted. I would be remised, if I did not share my thanks to the likes of former Councilman Zine, Jasmyne Cannick, Republican Political Consultant Luis Alvarado, Randy Economy's staff and others, who took time to offer their respective condolences. Former Councilman Zine in particular, who is enjoying life after politics, was most gracious in recently keyboarding his thoughts on Michael and is remaining engage in the local political discourse, as evident with his recent missive at City Watch. Meanwhile, Jasmyne Cannick has become the "bloggin go to person" on all things related to the current dysfunctional state of leadership at LAPD under embattled Chief Charlie Beck. We should also add that Randy's numerous other guests from the surrounding Southeast LA County municipalities, were engaging .........., and good sources for some future "bloggin chisme". More on that later and again, thank you Randy for the opportunity to share in witnessing on a Dear Friend---Scott Johnson.   

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