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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Message from your City Clowncil Central Committee General Secretary/Strongman Herb(man) "Mini Amin" Wesson

 We bring you this Official Message from Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee General Secretary/Strongman Herb(man) "Mini Amin" Wesson, on the unauthorized (by me) CD 4 Election Victory by non-endorsed outsider David Ryu.  
Appetite for Backroom Redistricting creates Trouble for the Political Machine in CD 4.
 An Official, Bloggin General Secretary/Strongman Directive!!
Let me (more like ....., I shall) be the first to say congratulations (with ring hand extended for affirmation/kiss of loyalty) to the newly elected (who allowed this blatant Act of Democracy on my Central Committee??) Council District 4 Councilmember-elect David E. Ryu (it was supposed to be Andrew Wastall before he made a mess of my Redistricting/Partitioning of the Spoils Scheme). Councilman-elect Ryu won a hard fought (what happens in Backrooms, stays in Backrooms) and historic victory (this is the first time Koreatown defied its "Dear Leader") that will enhance the diverse (haha!!) make up of the City Council (its Central Committee damn it!!). I am looking forward to working (ie. you work for me) with the Councilman-elect (F&%#!! This repugnant Act of Democracy shall not stand!!)  and putting his energy and can-do (as I decree) spirit to use serving the residents of the fourth council district (whoops!! Meant to say "campaign contributing developers of CD 4, but "Mini Amin" digress) and our great city (as I see fit).

Your Dear Leader ..............
Herb(man) "Mini Amin" Wesson of CD 10

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