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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The Saturday News Cycle Pipe Dream of a possible former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar for Senate Campaign gives way to a California Attorney General Kamala Harris Tuesday Announcement of the same.
The former Girlfriend of ex California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, green lights 2016 Senate Campaign.
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon this Cold-Flu-induced Flashback to Marlon Brando's "On The Waterfront Role", but with California Attorney General Kamala Harris announcing her bid to replace Senator Barbara Boxer in 2016, Brando's famous "I Could Of Been A Contender", is "Ahhh So App" in describing the current state of political being for a certain "Antonio Ramon Villar". While being given props for using the Saturday Media News Window to exhale his late Political Pipe Dream of running for some sort of Public Office, the buzz from his latest narcissist tote of self-delusion, was blunted with today's declaration via the California Progressive Rising Star. The reality for Tony on the local Democratic micro-level (and Hillary Clinton on the National Macro-level), is that the "True Progressive Wing" of the party, is going to make a strong power play (with Elizabeth Warren "NOT" leading the way) for the soul of DNC. Thus, the likes of Tony and his "Strategist MEAT" can only ponder where the once "Latino Tony Blair" went wrong---Scott Johnson in CD 14. 
Campaign Checkmate Tony!!
Hey MEAT, about that strategy of Tony grabbing on to Hillary's bottom-heavy, pants suit coattails, to get elected Senator in 2016?
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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