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Monday, September 22, 2014

An Anonymous Commentary on the Dysfunctional State of the LA-32 NC

We replicate this Anonymous Commentary (without editing) from a LA-32 NC Stakeholder on the Dysfunctional State of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council.  
No Peace from LA-32 NC Stakeholders for Marleen Fonseca.
**Blogger's Note: We received this anonymous comment regarding the current state of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council. Please note that we do not endorse the viewpoint of the commentator as true and the viewpoint espouse by the anonymous commentator are solely their own. All rebuttals are welcome and will be accorded the same unedited treatment---Scott Johnson.
It’s about time someone set the record straight Scott, everybody thinks that you are the one who has found out all these things about the puppet LA-32 NC Board Members, but we know it’s not true.
You have had a lot of help from a lot of people that can see that these reverse racist sell-out vendidos, who live compromised lives, are actually a part of a larger conspiracy to continue keeping the people of the East Side Down, all the while keeping you and other outspoken stakeholders off the LA-32 Neighborhood Council.
For instance it wasn’t you who found out that the current President of LA-32 NC is a 2 time arrested DUI offender, a divorced fired LAPD employee because she withheld information about her arrest records as well as her inability to stay sober.  That the reason she moved back to El Sereno is not because she really cares about it, but because she had nowhere else to go.
From the City of LA Civil Service Commission Hearing on the Termination Appeal of Marleen Caudillo (now LA-32 NC President Fonseca).

After living in South Pasadena and losing her house to foreclosure in Alhambra she came back with a story about how she has cared so much for this community.  I guess if you can lie about your arrest record it’s easy to make up other stories, with little respect for her neighbors by expecting them to believe more lies.
No it was not you who found about this and you know it, it was none other than a current LA-32 NC Board Member who cannot stand the idea of having this person come in and get elected with the greatest number of votes when no one knows her, when she has never been involved in the community and when has never been on the LA-32 NC Board.  
Makes you wonder who really voted for her, the people of El Sereno or maybe, I just saying maybe, make believe stakeholders that are used by City Officials to manipulate the outcome of Neighborhood Council Elections.
We know that the President also know as Ms. Fonseca seems to continue to show signs of suffering from substance abuse. 

Like her recent allegations that you were using pictures of her children without her permission.  She seems to have forgotten that the picture came from her public facebook page.  That right she herself had posted it for the world to see.  No one knew it was her children standing next to her and former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa until she mentioned it. 
But then again what do you expect from a person in denial of who she really is.  It’s just another symptom called short term memory loss.  I mean she cannot even remember what someone just said at a meeting, no less than ten seconds later after the person spoke, can you really expect her to remember other her mistakes. 
Remember how at the last meeting she was at a loss on what to do next because the D.O.N.E. representative had left early.  Then after voting to extend the meeting for an additional half hour she was forced to adjourn because the Vice President’s husband pulled the audio equipment.  Maybe someone should have reminded her that the audio equipment is not necessary to finish the meeting. 
What do you expect from someone who has no idea on how to run a meeting or can’t recall the By-Laws of the Organization? 

That’s right you got it in another one of her fantasies that she is an expert on By-Laws.  She submitted a package for changes that she wants at the last By-Laws committee to all the committee members but not stakeholders.  I guess in her mind, she thinks that as a first time rooky participant in the LA-32 Neighborhood Council it makes her an expert on what this community needs. 
I guess she is waiting to surprise the community and letting the stakeholders know what her recommendations after the By-Laws Committee has had the opportunity to violate the Brown Act through a serial meeting. 
Well thought out plan wouldn’t you say?  No of course, not but then again it’s just another manifestation of her problem, she not really to blame is she?

What happen to the idea of having a neutral president that will listen to all concerns before weighing in with her recommendations?  You don’t really expect that from this self appointed Princess who wants to be Queen, do you?
That’s why she was chosen.  Her past makes her the perfect patsy.  She is the perfect stooge chosen by the political manipulators in City Hall.  One of their own, a compromised lackey full of baggage that has to do their bidding, I mean how else does someone get such a nice job as a union representative when she has just been fired for lying to her previous employer and not just about any lie but one relating to Driving Under the Influence.   

Get the picture?  Sure you do, you know that you and I could not get this kind of help without having to pay for it somehow.  The question is who does she owe this great favor too and what kind of things are expected for it?
You know the answer and that is whatever they ask of her, including misrepresenting herself to us and trying to take away our voice by such things like reducing the number of Board Members rather than trying to get the Neighborhood Council out of exhaustive measures so it can go back to operating a lot better than it has been doing under the Direction of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.
Current LA-32 NC Treasurer Michelle "Miss Kitty Goth" Corzantes.
In a related note let’s look at the Treasurer, the gothic Miss Kitty with her fanciful Facebook page that recently went private after it was revealed that she loves the gothic, MS, perverse lifestyle while all the time pretending to be a religious leader  who could teach our children how to believe in God. 
Why her own Board Members refer to her as “Gargoyle”, behind her back.   I feel sorry for her and her family I am sure they don’t need this type of attention.  But then again it is her actions that brought it upon them.

Can you believe it, she is even bringing some much needed attention as to why some of the schools on the East Side have been performing so poorly, what can be expected from schemes such as those of replacing time honored institutions such as the PTA with a private organization allegedly owned employees of the school district?   You didn’t find this out on your own, come on cough it up…. the parents told you, didn’t they?
What about Miss Kitty’s former employment?  We know it wasn’t you who found out about the strange videos on YouTube or the reasons why she was fired from her job at the church.  You know someone else told you about her funny accounting problems and even more hilarious extracurricular activities with foreign exchange students from Europe.  Why she could have called DUI expert President Fonseca to invite her to the bar and do what they both do best.

Chug-a-lug… one more for the road… and then Fonseca could advice her on what she should needed to do to keep her job by saying such things as, “All we have to do is to try and change out identities so no one knows we can’t handle our booze”.
Do we need to keep going Scott?  I think the smart persons on the Board are the ones that have already resigned, especially the one that worked for Senator Boxer.  They could see what was going on and had to good sense to get out of Dodge before someone went through their baggage.

“Ese Vato” Scott, how unfortunate for you that you are white, because if you were brown you’d be a hero!  As it stands now you are the latest victim of reverse racism, but let me just say that the majority do not hate white people, just those that see a convenient way of attacking and bullying you.  
They (especially the folks at City Hall) forgot that you survived growing up in the Ramona Gardens Housing Project and most of all, you are proud of it.  Of course those people like our President and others on the Board that left El Sereno to live in other communities or are not from here don’t know that. 
That is why they are easily so manipulated in thinking that you are the stranger here, hey if I was raised outside of El Sereno and attended different schools I too would be taken in by the racist rhetoric professed by these so called enlighten folks.  Well I guess they are finding out that the way to survive in the Barrio is to keep on going because there no other alternatives.

Well there you have it Scott I hate to blow your bubble but the truth is that you are a true Barrio Boy.  A living breathing white Chicano, who has done more and cares more about this community than these fraudulent want-to-bees.
Con Todo Carino, thank you white boy  although you have been accused of a lot things, one thing is for sure you are not a quitter and hope that Councilman Jose Huizar gets his shorts given back to him by Gloria Molina. 

By the way Princeton should give him back his tuition, he didn’t learn much more than to try and screw us worse than the other poverty pimps. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Scott, we know who started the facebook attacks against you and the other folks.. Genny Guerrero, Michelle Corzantes and infamous Yolie Garcia. GENNY told friends of mine about her plan to intimidate you for questioning the financial records from Bicenntenial Parade. You hit a soft spot. By the way, she and senior lead officer morales were frequently seen having dinners when he was having an affair with her when her husband was working out of town.. Go figure, she got around the station..

September 23, 2014 6:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Funny thing.. I saw Michelle, Marlene and Ratmond meeting a few weeks ago. I overheard something about standing rules

September 23, 2014 7:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

HAHAHAHAHa..I'm enjoying the drama Huizar caused on his Nc selection process for candidates. Loser! I hope the FBI catches Upto you and all the properties you own in Mexico using tax payer money..

September 23, 2014 7:11 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

stop the corrupted non profits in El Sereno . Huizar uses them for campaigning.. Gloria take over and get rid of this in our community

September 23, 2014 7:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I heard Theresa Cano has a non profit called the El sereno Arts committee. I checked with the secretary of state and no such name exists. Is she asking the NC for money? Please investigate reporter Scott..

September 23, 2014 7:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I agree with everything the commenter says.. EXCEPT, the husband pulling out the cords at the meeting was Joshua Corzantes, Treasurer 's husband( michelle) not the VP..the VP's husband isn't ignorant like Joshua

September 23, 2014 7:29 PM  

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