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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ridley-Thomas: $75,000 Prop 46 Pay to Play?

No, we didn't get rid of pay to play when James Hahn left office.

Proposition 46 is a measure to, among other things, increase the state's cap on medical malpractice awards. Backed by consumer groups, large attorney firms, some unions, politicians such as Senator Barbara Boxer and activists such as Candace Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Erin "They're boobs, Ed" Brockovich, the proposal seeks to address a number of issues and allegedly outdated laws and regulations around medical malpractice.

Not surprisingly, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, the Republican party, the California Chamber of Commerce, Stuart Waldman's Valley Industry and Commerce Association and several other unions are opposed to the measure.

However, the latest kerfuffle around the measure concerns our old friend, County Supervisor, Mark Ridley- Thomas. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that proponents of the measure say that following a $75,000 donation by the No on 46 committee to Ridley-Thomas' PAC, the African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation Project, the Supervisor scheduled a vote for the County Board of Supervisors to vote to oppose 46.

Pay to play at work again? What would Betty Pleasant say?

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