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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

Friends of Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar's "Political Papi" former Mayor Antonio Villar, show support by donating to the embattled CD 14 Incumbents Rehabilitation/ Re-election Fundraising Kickoff.
"Political Papi and Mijo" want to serve you a Third Term of the "Dear Charro/ Princeton Graduate".
Photo by Donna Evans of the Downtown News.
CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar can rest assure that his "Political Papi" former Mayor Antonio Villar's friends still have his back ......., for now.
The supposed media organs of record were out in force last evening as the likes of David Zahniser, Rick Orlov, the Downtown News and assorted media trucks (** KCAL/ KCBS get comments from Huizar on video), mass behind the velvet chains, to document the 100-200 Huizar donors at last evening's Fundraising Kickoff, within the Spring Street "Exchange Club".
Comments from those who attended were fleeting and concise but the most telling came from LA County Labor Federation Leader and Mayor Villar's "Comadre" Maria Elena Durazo who stated her "conditional support" for the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate". From the Daily News.

For Maria Elena Durazo, executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, it was too early to weigh in. “Of course there are concerns. Any kind of allegations ... of course there are concerns,” she said. “But I’m not in a position right now to say he’s guilty or not guilty. And we know there is a process. And when that process is finished and there are conclusions, we will judge based on that.”
That, coming from Huizar's "Political Papi's Comadre", can be interpretive as "another huge mistake and your political career is done".

** We ponder if "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" (aka LA Times) highest-paid Columnist Steve Lopez, would like to replicate his "Day as CD 4 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Tom LaBonge", by assuming the role of Labonge's CD 14 Colleague? Just think of the alleged, "inter-office opportunities" Lopez could partake in, via role playing/ channeling the supposed work place proclivities of the "Dear Charro/ Princeton Graduate".
** In noting KPCC's Alice "The City Maven" Walton's missive on Mayor Eric Garcetti's new appointees to the Harbor Commission via her Facebook Page, Jack Humphreville express his disappointment in the new Mayor's selections, citing their perceived lack of background.
** Mayor Eric Garcetti is talking like "Mayor Veto Garcetti" regarding the City Clowncil Central Committee desires to regulate App-based Paid Ride Sharing. We are sure that thee, all-powerful taxi lobby is pushing the Clowncil Central Committee and Mayor Garcetti into a first veto confrontation  of the Mayor Garcetti Administration.

** Ahhhhh, almost forgot to add that a former "Failure Mayor" has picked up another paid consulting gig with the Edelson Group PR Firm. As with the other three gigs the former City Terrace Native has garner since leaving office on July 1, the details are fleeting, but Larry York may have the Exclusive Inside Details, via the Mayor Sam Facebook Page.
What the story does not reveal, but I know to be fact based on insider information, is that Edelman PR hired him to coordinate the toilet cleaning of their clients, primarily in Central America; this being his greatest area of expertise. It's expected that he should be able to increase the corporate revenues by at least several thousand a year. (that was good tongue in cheek satire).

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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