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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Former Mayor Sam Blogger, turned losing, unleashed "Devil Dog Campaign Consultant", Michael "MEAT/ Chief Parker" Trujillo, now paid shill for LAUSD School Board President Richard "Dr. Death" Vladovic. 
Yes MEAT, its another Mayor Sam post regarding you.
A union of "political purveyors of death"?
This reunion of sorts (Trujillo was the campaign manager for Vladovic's Re-election Campaign, until being terminated for the infamous "Bullet between the Eyes Email", in the 2011 CD 14 Campaign), is no surprise when one considers Valdovic and Trujillo's infatuation with incorporating death-like themes into their respective vocations. For Vladovic, it was proclaiming himself "Dr. Death" in dealing with supposed bad teachers, and for Trujillo, it was bring political death on Election Day to clients, along with ballot measures ( think recently Richard Alarcon and the classic DWP/ IBEW Measure B Debacle).
Matter of fact, the last time we can remember "MEAT/ Chief Parker" crossing the campaign finish line as a winner was a seemly long-ago (2007) San Fernando Valley LAUSD School Board Race which Tamar Galatzan edged out the terminally-ill, late incumbent Jon Lauritzen. Since then, well, the losing streak continues. 
Yet last week, the now paid "Dr Death" spokeshole found himself in a position which saw him have to comment against a Censure Motion directed at recent allegations concerning "Dr Death", crafted by who? Tamar Galatzan.
......... and how did "MEAT/ Chief Parker" respond? A typical "MEAT/ Chief Parkerism" .......
Vladovic spokesman Mike Trujillo called Galatzan’s resolution a “distraction” from the purpose of the Oct. 29 meeting, which was called to address security and other concerns raised during the initial phase of the district’s effort to equip every student with an iPad.
“This iPad rollout has enough holes in it to make a block of Swiss cheese blush,” Trujillo said.
Geez Mikey, did you shoot political holes in the cheese? Just a thought.

** This next brief conjures up the sounds of trolley/ street cars bells that will not be heard on Downtown Broadway anytime soon (2019 in a pipe dream). The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street", goes front page, right above the fold, in outing CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar and staff, regarding their lack of openness and transparency, in fronting the true cost of "Huizzy Legacy Downtown Choo Choo". Just a thought, but maybe the hesitance of Huizar's staff in broaching the truth regarding the cost, was predicated in avoiding the wrath of an angry, vindictive boss?

** We bring you this update to a "Daily Valley Moldy Green Sheet" (aka Dail News) missive regarding Mayor Eric Garcetti's directive on Mandatory Harassment Training for Department Managers .......

UPDATE: A previous version of this story used inaccurate information provided by the city’s Personnel Department. Councilman Jose Huizar is in fact in compliance with the city’s harassment training requirements and has taken the class three times, an offical with the Personnel Department clarified Monday afternoon. Other managers cited by the department have also taken the course.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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