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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation strives to rehabilitate a neglected Lincoln High School Athletic Facility Infrastucture

A proud, Bloggin Lincoln High School Tiger, Class of 1984, spotlights the efforts of the Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation, in rehabilitating a neglected athletic facility infrastructure.   
 The late, great Tiger, UCLA Bruin and LA Rams Kenny Washington.
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon this bloggin moment of flashback Tiger Pride as we share the ongoing efforts of the Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation, in rehabilitating the neglected Lincoln High School athletic infrastructure that produce the late, great Tiger, UCLA Bruin and Professional Football Star, who along with UCLA Classmate Jackie Robinson, were co-pioneers in integrating professional sports. During my four years at LHS, this young Tiger experience first hand and still feels the affects that a neglected athletic infrastructure can have on a school athlete. From running on a track that had the give of concrete, to an irregular surfaced football field, with bleachers so old that condemnation was the last recourse in preventing harm to the viewing public, this athletic graduate knows all too well the aches and pains a neglected athletic infrastructure can render. In now its third year, the Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation is continuing its public-private crusade to rectify decades of funding neglect by LAUSD, in rehabilitating the athletic infrastructure that not only produce Kenny Washington, but countless of Tiger Graduates, who's development of athletic skills, was an equal partner in the growth of the complete, character based, student athlete. Please support by attending or donating. For more information, please refer to the fact sheets, with photos below---Scott Johnson.

Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation Fact Sheet, Page 1
 Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation Fact Sheet, Page 2
The Goal of the Kenny Washington Foundation. But below the realities of decades of LAUSD neglect ..........

 This Fact Sheet of pre-1930 built LAUSD High Schools, which documents the lack of, and neglect of Lincoln High School's Athletic Infrastructure.
 Neglected athletic courts.
 Unmaintained football field.
Come Friday, the spirit of Kenny Washington will live on in the current generation of Lincoln High School Students Athletes. Go Tigers!
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson, LHS Class of 1984.

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