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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is Controversial Educator Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson seeking the help of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez in overturning Charter Revocation in Sacramento?

Is the controversial co-founder of the Lucrative 1% Charter Education Collective, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson, seeking the help of new 51st Assembly District (by the way of Riverside) Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, in overturning the Charter Revocation of LAUSD?  
A dejected Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson sits to the right of his wife Minnie Ferguson at recent Los Angeles County Board of Education (LACOE) Hearing. The County Board voted to affirm the decision of LAUSD, in revoking the Charter of the Semillas  High School. The action prompted this Tweet from Aguilar-Ferguson below.
Marcos Aguilar@SemillasPueblo 9 Oct
In the Republic of LACOE, all is quiet today. Under a veil of silence evil thrives. 
Marcos Aguilar@SemillasPueblo 11 Oct
Assmblmbr Gomez at Grifols bioresearch, billion $$ company in El Sereno, what does it give back?
In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we have learned that the controversial co-founder of the Lucrative 1% Charter Education Collective, Academia Semillas del Pueblo, Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson, is seeking the help of 51st Assembly District Newby Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, in supporting State Board of Education Action, to overturn the LAUSD Charter Revocation of the Semillas High School Campus.
Mark(os)-Ferguson tweeted the above photo of Assemblyman Gomez (at the far left of front row) at a community meeting yesterday within the LA-32 Neighborhood Council area. Assemblyman Gomez has been making himself notice at a large number of community events (which prompted one constituent to call him "Councilman Gomez", but I digress), but surely, the First Term Lawmaker (via Riverside) is not well-verse in the controversial and troubling history of the El Sereno Charter School.
The appearance of Aguilar-Ferguson at the Assemblyman Gomez event, can be seen as a last act of desperation in having the State Board of Education overrule the decisions of LAUSD and LACOE, which Assemblyman Gomez must support, if the Semillas High School Campus stands any chance of a Sacramento intervention.
But for Assemblyman Gomez, he should be wary of planting the seed of a Sacramento intervention on behalf of Aguilar-Ferguson's discredited Educational Collective, for the negative backlash (especially in the El Sereno Community), that surely would sprout, may prompt some to send Gomez back east on the 60 Freeway.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Blogger Rene Diedrich said:

I was under the impression El Sereno parents were committed to this school. I suppose Monica Garcia's ties to the community could have generated the outcry when it was almost closed in the past. It seems to me they are the ones who should have the real say.
If the school has unethical leadership, which may be the case, that is business as usual at LAUSD. The truth is, until that district is broken up into smaller districts designed to accomodate the unique needs of the commiunity. While Steve Zimmer is crowing that LAUSD is a fortune 500 company, its corrupt educRAT$ cry poor everytime we turn around.deasy and Garcia apparently get off on making threats and cutting teachers, art and adult education. Frankly, LA should be sick of being held hostage. I say we unite and issue calls to action. Let's topple this beast, unload the the burden and do what more successful districts so. While even these are being hurt by the education industrial complex and billionaires like Bill Gates and Eli Broad, Long Beach, Torrance and others were thriving because they eere focused and had some oversight. There os just too much money and power in huge urban school districts for them to work for us,

October 15, 2013 12:17 PM  

Blogger ivy vollye said:

Oh I don't care of I get banned from their FB page. I unliked it a few weeks ago. I'm sorry to hear you had negativeEducatorexperiences as well.

January 29, 2014 7:54 AM  

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