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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Villar Greuel trails by 9% in ABC Poll

Despite endorsements from Bill Clinton, Sen. Barbara Boxer, Magic Johnson, Richard Riordan, millions of IE Money from Boss D'Arcy's IBEW and THE EMBRACE BY MAYOR ANTONIO VILLAR, the "Embraced Villar Greuel" trails Eric Garcetti 49-40% in latest ABC 7 Mayoral Poll.
 As the Runoff Election Day nears, the "Embraced Villar Greuel", awaits the next choreographed instruction from the boss of the political machine, that seeks to make her, their third term incarnation. 
Your poll numbers can only go higher with this kind of mayoral support.
How quick polling perception can change to surveyed reality, is on full display today as the Eric Garcetti and the Wendy "The Embraced Villar Greuel" Campaigns respond to new ABC 7 Poll that shows Garcetti leading the "Embraced Villar Greuel" 49-40%. 
The recent polling perception, as noted in two "questionable polls" had the contest near a statistical dead heat, but both of those polls had ties to organizations in support of the "Embraced Villar Greuel". The ABC 7 Poll did not and the numbers are telling.
Yesterday's poll was released after last night first runoff debate. As LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus reports,  the topic of Education, took a back seat as the supposed Powerful Performance by the "Embraced Villar Greuel" (in "Private Citizen/ Campaign Consultant John Shallman's words), fizzled on a majority of the debate attendees. From the "Weekly of Record".
Most of the audience members who spoke with the Weekly afterward gave the nod to Garcetti, especially on style.
"I think his style is mayoral," said Fran Spitzer, of Encino, who said she voted for Greuel in the primary but is now leaning to Garcetti. "He seems like an honest kind of guy. After (Mayor Antonio) Villaraigosa, we really need a change."
Matt Rutta, also of Encino, said he will be voting for Garcetti because he seemed the more practical of the two.
"He was a lot more definitive. He said what he would do about it," Rutta said. "She said what she wanted to happen, but she didn't say how it would happen."
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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