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Monday, April 08, 2013

A Pandering Backlash for The Villar Greuel

From the Facebook Page of the LA County Federation of Labor Endorsed Candidate for Mayor Wendy "The Villar Greuel", we bring you this message on the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret "Lady Thatcher"..............
RIP, Margaret Thatcher. You will always be remembered as one of the greatest leaders in history.
Photo of Lady Thatcher via the Facebook Page of Mayoral Wendy Greuel.
As the lights flicker on and off via our Monday Wind Event, whoever posted this pandering statement on the death of one of the great 20th Century Female World Leaders, is most likely cringing at the intolerant backlash playing out on the comment section of the Villar Greuel's Facebook Page. Below we post some choice excerpts.
Was Lady Thatcher pro "Prop 8'?
Scott Crawford a racist, homophobic HATER

Wonder if Maria Elena Durazo concurs with this comment?

Paul Mackley WOW...and I was considering voting for you. If that's what you consider good government, I hope you NEVER get a chance to inflict it upon Los Angeles. I imagine you also, like Thatcher, admire Pinochet, think of unions as "the enemy within," and consider Mandela a terrorist? You just created in my heart a profound affection for the phrase "Mayor Garcetti."  

Such derangement from the supposed Villar Greuel supporters.

Daniel Vergara The miners would disagree, Bobby Sands would disagree, 300 teenage conscripts on the Belgrano would disagree, "terrorist" Mandela would disagree. But Augusto Pinochet would totally agree with you, Wendy. I supported you until now. Now I hope you lose. 

Does the Villar Greuel Lady Thatcher admirer have this in mind for her IBEW supporters?

Ed Rendon Looking back today, it's clear that British unions lost a huge amount of power during Thatcher's time in office. By beating the miners' strike in 1985, her government further demoralized millions of union members. Additionally, economic policies stripped unions of their major strength: numbers. 

According to the BBC, Union membership fell from a peak of 12 million in the late '70s to almost half that by the late '80s. They've never recovered.

According to the BBC, Union membership fell from a peak of 12 million in the late '70s to almost half that by the late '80s. They've never recovered.

Oscar must learn the ways of  "Opportunistcrats" such as the "Villar Greuel"

Oscar Taracena For someone like you Wendy that is pro-union you praise a pol that was vehemently anti-union. Get a clue.

A salient observation. 

Adam Hofberg Wendy, I remember Margaret Thatcher, and you're no Margaret Thatcher.

Then we end with this pandering rear end smoocher.

Jeff Freeman Wow! I am surprised by the venom and vitriol toward Wendy. Then again, maybe not. Great leaders often face great criticism -- it goes with the territory. No doubt, Wendy will rise above it and "move us forward" representing ALL of Los Angeles -- even her critics!

Thus, an exercise in the excesses of political pandering and its predictable backlash.

Your thoughts ..................
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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