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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

As a "Mayoral Reign of Failure" nears its just end, a lone Oak Tree stands as an example of hope succumbing to a hypocritical reality.
Then Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and assorted political cast members, planting Esperanza (the hope) at the kickoff to the Million Tree Initiative.
For the mere scores who subjected themselves to Mayor Antonio Villar's teleprompter-read tribute to self, in his last "State of a Ethically and Fiscally Bankrupt City Speech", they need only to view the photos below to grasps the reality behind the choreographed facade of a "Pop Star Mayor", turned "Political Failure". Many, including myself, were in attendance that beautiful day as Mayor Villar, announced a grand vision of a "Million Tree Canopy" (....... and a two year timeline for restoring the Hazard Park Wetlands), that would be a part of a great green legacy for the "Latino Environmentalist".  
One of the 20 trees facing death at Hazard Park.
Yet, as we near the final days of the eight years of a "Mayoral Reign of Failure", the blunt political reality of the true Mayor Villar's "green vision" is evident to all along the Soto Street side of Hazard Park, about 200 yards away from "the oak of hope". The true "green vision" of Mayor Villar, is predicated on the financing of the political interest and upward mobility of the former "Tony Villar". USC has always been the willing Special Interest in pushing the political agenda of Mayor Villar. Thus, Hazard Park was placed in a redevelopment zone, that benefited USC's capital building program.
A row of "arbor tombstones" awaiting the reality of Mayor Villar's (and Councilman Huizar) true "Green Vision".
Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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