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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A John Shallman/ Mike Feuer Ethical Stonewalling Production!

City Attorney Candidate Mike Feuer and "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" John Shallman, holding campaign ethics hostage by not disclosing Consulting Contract.
Hi John! Would Lani disclose her Consulting Contracts to the LA Times upon request?
Did Mike and John get Pro Bono legal advise on their Consulting Contract from Candidate Feuer's former Bet Tzedek associates.
** Blogger's note: When this blogger has been questioned about the potential outcome of the Mayoral and City Attorney races, my response is "watch the actions of the lead consultant John Shallman". The recent actions of the "Private Citizen/ Political Consultant" with the recent Villar Greuel Campaign Shakeup and what is becoming "Contractgate", respectively, is bound to lend further credence to the notion that Shallman will decide the political fate of his clients via pending action. From the Trutanich Campaign, we bring you this statement on "Contractgate"---Scott Johnson.          
Termed-out assemblyman Mike Feuer is now stonewalling the LA Times as he desperately tries to hide evidence of his ethics foul-play from the Times’ readers and from voters.
The Times reported today that Feuer is now refusing to provide the newspaper with a copy of the controversial contract he had with City Hall insider, John Shallman.
“That contract is at the heart of the Feuer ethics scandal,” said Rick Taylor, chief strategist for the campaign of City Atty. Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich. “It’s the smoking gun. Of course, he’d hide that.”
“Don’t voters deserve a city attorney who follows the law instead of breaks the law?” said Taylor.
The Times has called Feuer’s contract “troubling,” “fishy” and “worthy of an investigation” as the newspaper’s reporters have dug up more and more unsettling facts about Feuer-gate.
According to a lawsuit filed by community leaders, Feuer tried to steal the March 5 election by illegally obtaining ½ million dollars in campaign funds. Those illegal funds included $300,000 that Feuer obtained by defrauding the city. “Simply put, the Feuer campaign cheated,” the lawsuit said.
“Feuer lied to the city about the true cost of his campaign and, by doing so, he got the $300,000,” said Taylor. The true cost of Feuer’s campaign should haveincluded the cost of the services of his political consultant. Those costs had to be at least $175,000, possibly as much as $250,000. But his contract with his consultant allowed him to hide those costs and trick the Ethics Commission into giving him $300,000 in tax dollars.
Under city ethics law, candidates can accept tax dollars to fund their campaigns but only if they promise to keep their overall campaign spending below a certain cap – in the city attorney’s primary election, that cap was $1.2 million. By hiding the costs of his consultant, Feuer exceeded the spending cap by several hundred thousand dollars and broke his promise to the city Ethics Commission.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger LA Activist said:

My thoughts are that this is silly. Mike Feuer asked for an opinion from the ethics commission before he signed the contract and was told that what he was doing was legal. End of story.

April 11, 2013 6:39 AM  

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