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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Red Spot Voter Guide

Get out the Vote! The Red Spot Voter Guide.
Los Angeles needs a true reformist Mayor in Kevin James.
** Blogger's note: A sincere good Election Day morning to all, with one simple request, Vote. Not since the post 1992 Riots Mayoral Elections has a mayoral contest merited Angelinos, taking time away from their respective insular activities and engaging in their civic duty. The City of Los Angeles is at a breaking point, if the Mayor Antonio Villar Political Machine succeeds in getting its third term incarnation City Controller Wendy "The Villar Greuel" elected, that breaking point will come sooner than later. The best hope in facing down the fiscal and ethical crisis at 200 N. Spring Street is Kevin James. Please, in the spirit of returning Los Angeles to greatness, vote for James today. Also in your respective areas on the ballot, give your considerations to the candidates listed below---Scott Johnson.

City Attorney: Carmen Trutanich, link to previous endorsement post.
City Controller: Jeff Bornstein, we don't need a "Valley Zine" to replace a "Valley Villar Greuel", in uncovering true "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" at City Hall. 
Council District 1: Gil Cedillo, channeling a former "No Ho Valley White Guy Blogger", who endorsed a Sacramento politico due to superior constituent services. Cedillo will do the same for CD 1..
Council District 3: Anybody but "Two Face Bob". 
Council District 5: Mark Herd, another four years of Mr. Potato Head will sprout more waste and Pot Shops.
Council District 7: David Barron, we are sure that David Barron never had a property owner ghost write an inspection report.
Council District 9: David Roberts, link here to our previous endorsement post.
Council District 11: Tina Hess, concur with the former No Ho Valley White Guy on this endorsement.
Council District 13: Emile Mack, link here to our previous endorsement post.
Council District 15: Joe Buscaino, the "Average Joe" is becoming "Another Politico", as he takes public matching funds, to defeat a soon to be indicted, no name challenger.

LAUSD District Two: Anamarie Montanez, she is the "anti-Monica" (a good thing).
LAUSD District Four: Kate Anderson, Steve Zimmer displayed weak leadership in voting to renew the Charter for Academia Semillas del Pueblo.
LAUSD District Six: Anyone but 2012 Redistricting Commission Enabler Antonio Sanchez.

LACCD District Two: John Burke
LACCD District Four: Jezef Essavi, ** Two Time LA Times Endorsed Choice (with no apologies to the "Big O").
LACCD District Six: Tom Oliver
Lastly, stand up to the City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson and "Vote No on Measure A (and B).
This diminutive dictator cannot be trusted with more of your taxes.
Your thoughts and vote count!!
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger HeartofScreenland said:

I'm with you on most of the endorsements or see where you're coming from.

On the other hand, Carmen Trutanich has been a disgrace, a disappointment and someone who acts as if the only problem with all of his lies and petty bluster is that the public wasn't stupid enough to fall for it.

Feuer, Smith or Weiss would be an improvement over Carmen the Tuna.

March 05, 2013 10:18 AM  

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