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Sunday, March 03, 2013

MayorSam Endorsements for Tuesday's Election

Just to be clear, these are my endorsements. Scott has given a number of his own, which you can read on these pages. Take this with you to the polls because this is your guide to turning around LA.

The bottom line to these endorsements is not who is going to win or who is going to provide you the most goodies, which is how many of you vote. This time around, we have to drain the swamp and elect as many outsiders as possible, including rejecting refugees from the California Legislature. All of it, after the jump.

It's not going to be much of a surprise to you. Kevin James is the only candidate who can truly lift up the rug, find out what's there and sweep City Hall clean. More than being the only candidate who was not part of the mess, James is a former Federal prosecutor and was the Chairman of AIDS Project LA. This background, in addition to his communication skills honed during his years as a broadcaster, makes Kevin James the leader LA needs for Mayor.

You have two really bad choices and one really good one. Incumbent Carmen Trutanich has been such a disaster in the role, he's referred to as "Carmen the Clown" by local bloggers. More so, the vote of no-confidence in Trutanich when he didn't even make the run-off in last year's District Attorney race, makes his run for re-election seem that much more incredulous. Former City Councilman and State Assemblyman Mike Feuer, yet another recycled politician, has proven his ethical standings in the Bet Tzedek contributions scandal. On the other hand, attorney Greg Smith, an outsider supported by law enforcement, brings the maturity and thoughtfulness the office is lacking.

Former motorcycle cop and soon to be termed out City Councilman Dennis Zine joins Neighborhood Council activist Cary Brazeman and Democratic favorite Rob Galperin who has received the endorsements of all of the City's daily papers. Forget all of that. I'm voting for Jeff Bornstein. Bornstein, a 30 year business owner and neighborhood activist has been a thorn in the side to Zine for years, calling Zine out on issues of importance to his West San Fernando Valley district. If we want an experienced outsider and poetic justice for Zine - who has been nothing but a disappointment in his role as Clowncilman - then we vote for Jeff Bornstein.

This is a battle between Antonio Villaraigosa's guy - Assemblyman Gil "Two Bill" Cedillo and outgoing CD1 rep Ed Reyes' chief deputy Jose Gardea. CD1 has been battered enough by the Villaraigosa-Reyes regime for too long. Vote for Jesus Rosas.

This district has suffered too long under Dennis Zine. Fortunately  he's termed out. A whole bunch of folks are running. All you need to know is ABB. That is, anyone but Bob Blumenfeld, jumping to the City Council, he simultaneously ran for the City Council. From the Mike Gatto reprobate wing (that's all you need to know!) of the Democratic Party, Blumefeld is a climber. Vote NO on Bob!

Running for re-election is none other than Phil Jennerjahn's favorite "cat whisperer" Paul Koretz. Unremarkable, bloated and dumb, Koretz has jumped from seat to seat to seat, including in more than one city. A fairly noted LA lobbyist once told me that Koretz keeps finding seats to run for because his wife will have his manhood the day comes he is no longer in elected office. Not sure about that, but the guy has done nothing. Still, because LA politics are so messed up, it's near certain that Koretz will win. But vote for Mark Herd anyway.

One of the most important races in the city. Following the terming-out of controversial Councilman, Richard Alarcon, four candidates are seeking election to this district which includes communities as diverse as Pacoima to Sunland-Tujunga. Again, various political factions are seeking control. On one hand, the Alarcon machine, in cahoots with Mayor Villaraigosa, is doing anything and everything to elect Pacoima community organizer Nicole Chase. In the other corner, Wendy Greuel has teamed up with former Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, who the LA Weekly has called the worst Assemblyman ever. Fortunately, you have another option. David Barron, a longtime community activist who is an LA housing inspector is a brilliant man with a deep understanding on the City's machinations. Krystee Clark, member of the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council brings an energy not seen before and has the community's best interests at heart. I'm offering up a split endorsement, a vote for either Barron or Clark is a vote for the community and against the special interests represented by Chase and Fuentes.

The race to replace termed out candidate for Mayor Jan Perry features many comers including a handful of State Legislature refugees such as Curren Price & Mike Davis as well as MayorSam perennial favorite and Jose Huizar favorite, Ana Cubas. So scratch them off the list. UTLA pick Ron Gochez has made comments about "the Jewish owned media," so one more down. Manuel Aldana, Jr., another neighborhood council member, doesn't leave much of a trail of history, so I'll pass. David Roberts has received high marks, including the endorsement of our own Scott Johnson. Yet, we have to stay away from the folks who broke LA, and Roberts is a staffer to Perry who has her endorsement. So I'm going with Terry Hara, a veteran LAPD commander.

Seeking to replace retiring Councilman Bill Rosendahl, are four candidates including Rosendahl's hand picked successor, his chief deputy, Mike Bonin. Being part of the regime that broke LA, Bonin does not deserve election. As well, the shady way that Rosendahl timed his retirement announcement with that of Bonin's, was really unfair for anyone who was considering running. The only candidate to support here is Tina Hess, a longtime city prosecutor.

Eric Garcetti is running for Mayor and oh what a mess. 12 candidates are running. The only thing you really need to know is to NOT vote for Matt Szabo, who rebranded himself as a West Hollywood Republican to a CD13 Democrat. Szabo, was a chief staffer to both Wendy Greuel and Mayor Villaraigosa. That should tell you plenty. Vote for any of the other candidates of your choosing, but if I was voting in CD13, I'd mark the ballot for CD13 native, Robert Negrete.

Rookie Councilman Joe Buscaino is running against James T. Law who doesn't seem to be running a campaign. Buscaino has been in office too long yet to totally disappoint, so let's give him one more chance.

Pretty sad pickings here all around but the most important task is to defeat School Board President Monica Garcia in District 2. Ablelardo Diaz seems to get high marks from education reformers so cast your vote there.

We lucked out and there are only two this round.

This Herb Wesson inspired measure seeks to increase sales tax within the City of LA by an additional 5%, just weeks after a statewide tax increase. Backers of the measure claim the money is needed to save public safety services. During the campaign however, City leaders admitted the increase is to pay for raises promised to City employee unions. It's so toxic that even all five Mayoral candidates are against it. As Zuma Dogg would say, vote HELL NO!

This adds City workers not currently covered by public employee pensions to the rolls. We need to start cutting back on these pensions. Vote no.



Blogger Joe Friday said:

Higby, you've nailed it with Kevin James for Mayor and Greg Smith for City Attorney. That would be a dream ticket for people who care about our city more than they care about bloated city salaries and unaffordable pensions.

As for the Controller, I think Wendy Greuel has shown just how useless this, the third highest paid elected office in City Hall actually is. Sure it's great if you want to use it to build a campaign for Mayor, and 'save' $160M. Gee Wiz, with the $160M she's saved, and the $280M Carmen the Clown saved, hell, we're livin' large. Potholes have ceased to be synonymous with Los Angeles, and all City services are fully staffed and funded. Reality check please. We need a Controller who is going to serve the people not the politicians. The Times likes Ron Galperin who has been desperately trying to make himself relevant to something, but is basically a partisan. I may take your recommendation.

As for the CDs, I totally agree.

March 04, 2013 9:01 PM  

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