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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Assemblyman "Slobo Mikey" Gatto's PAC is back in Burbank and Glendale Elections

Assemblyman "Slobo Mikey Gatto" associate's "Prosperity PAC" is mucking up City of Burbank Elections. Will the same PAC play a role in a possible "Slobo Mikey" run for CD 4 in 2015?  
 From the former "Infant Assemblyman", to the current political incarnation as "Slobo Mikey", the ethnic cleanser of voters in the 43rd Assembly District.
Is this the future face of a CD 4 City Councilman? Lord Help Us!
Once upon a political sound bite, a live-at-home-with-mommy Infant Assemblyman, from the working-class ghetto of Silver Lake, made these comments about the role of Corporate Money in political campaigns.
 An Infant Assemblyman rants against Citizen United Corporate Free Speech in Political Contributions.
But as we near high noon on this blessed Sunday before Election Day, the former Infant Assemblyman has mature into the now "Assemblyman Slobo Mike" and as Ron Kaye reports in his Sunday, Glendale News Press Column, he has become the latest Sacramento politico, baptize into the "Super PAC Church of Special Interest Money".

Just days before Burbank voters went to the polls, Mike Gatto was the star attraction for a Napa Valley retreat at a five-star hotel where, for $5,000 each, guests could schmooze with the assemblyman and four of his legislative pals. The event was organized by Dan Weitzman, a Sacramento political consultant who was on Gatto’s campaign payroll for $3,000 a month the last two years and helped raise a $1-million campaign war chest for the assemblyman.The beneficiary of the money raised at the retreat was a political action committee called Prosperity led by Weitzman with Stacey Brenner, Gatto’s political director, serving as a fundraising consultant.Gatto has no role in Prosperity, Weitzman says, but critics suspect he is the central figure in a tangled web of political relationships that have brought at least three PACs into Burbank city elections where most candidates normally raise only a few thousand dollars, and special interests from outside rarely get involved.

Whether "Slobo Mikey" is or not associated with the "Prosperity PAC", the behavior of the PACs, mirrors the political behavor M.O. of the second term assemblyman, as indicative with its funding of candidates such as Burbank Democratic Club "Bad Boy" David Dobson, who's behavior in the video below at the 4:10  mark, is not worthy of someone running for a school board seat.
Judging from "Slobo Mikey's" proclivities in racial identity politics, "Prosperity" is not the appropiate name for an alleged Gatto-linked PAC.

As the anti-PAC "Infant Assemblyman" has matured into "Slobo Mikey", his alleged association with IE Super PACs , have garnered headlines for their overt racial overtones.

Yet another federal super PAC with ties to Gatto is Californians for Integrity in Government, which paid for a controversial anti-Berman mailer last fall.It was targeted to Republican voters using mugs of Rep. Maxine Waters (black), Rep. Barney Frank (gay) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (Jewish) with the overline “If you love these politicians, then vote for Howard Berman.”County Democratic Party leaders denounced it as “despicable” and “divisive;” Berman called it “offensive to women, minorities, the LGBT community and Valley voters.”It was a trifecta of offenses that the Jewish Journal tied to Sherman’s former district director, none other than Mike Gatto, who worked for the congressman for five years.Gatto’s response in the article in an email from a staffer: “Mr. Gatto has no official relationship with the entity…”The operative word is “official” — a pretty fine-line distinction when so many threads of this web of intrigue and money tie together.

 In conclusion, taking the account from Kaye's column above, and add in "Slobo Mikey's" recent behavior in seeking to "cleanse" Armenians from voting in the recent 43rd Assembly District Delegate Election, the apt name for an Assemblyman "Slobo Mikey" Gatto Super PAC would be "Slobo Mikey's Ottoman Coalition to Suppress Armenian Voting Rights".

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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