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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Vote No on Measure A

Introducing the Official Photo of this bloggin "No on Measure A" missive. 
This city vehicle was parked outside of City Hall East yesterday (March 1, 2013). Photo taken via this blogger's Blackberry.
Great Saturday after the dawn of Sequester and America is still the shining beacon of fear-mongering under the Presidential Teleprompter Lordship of Barack "H" Obama.
That said, we like to bring your attention to the above, city-owned eye sore. This blogger was in City Hall on bloggin business yesterday (more on that next week), when I took notice of this vehicle parked across the street, next to City Hall East, across from the main public entrance to City Hall. 
In the interest of full disclosure, this blogger is a city employee who has driven the same type of truck during the course of his work duties. In addition, our work vehicle was tagged on one occasion, with the assailants running from the scene after being caught in the act. After photographing the vandalism and filing out the required reports, my work crew use graffiti remover to wipe away the tagging.
Obviously, the employees responsible for maintaining the upkeep of this vehicle, have soon issues that merit review. Thus any tax-paying citizen should call upon the General Manager of the department listed on the vehicle and question the GM oversight of his/her employees. In addition, they should download this photo and send it to every elected official (especially Mayor Villar and City Council Strongman Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson) and ask them how they expect tax-stressed city residents and businesses to support Measure A, when they can't maintain taxpayers city property in pristine condition?
In closing, this is one city employee, who encourages you to "VOTE NO ON MEASURE A".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 



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