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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mayor Sam Special "Back to School Tutorial on Choice in Education"

Know what quality educational experience awaits behind the door of your choice of campus (or collective?) of higher learning.

** Blogger's Note: As many of you brave the heat and monsoonal humidity in prepping your children for their first day of school on Tuesday (for most of LAUSD campuses), we here at Mayor Sam in the interest of public service ....... and inspired by this ignorant comment regarding issues at a well-known charter school,
So can someone please explain what is the difference between the Shell gas station selling alcohol near by churches, schools, and a park and Hecho En Mexico Restaurant trying to get a liquor license right next door to a school, church, etc? Someone please clarify my confusion. Thanks.

...... have crafted this bloggin tutorial on what you, as a discerning parent, should know about your school before letting your little charges walk into your selected campus of higher learning. Remember its not about the persona of the "Tata Headmaster", but how your child reaches their utmost potential in body, soul and mind, as part of their K-12 educational experience---Scott Johnson.

1. Its all about past tests of academic retention.
Before signing up your children for a school that will impact their later immersion into adult society, check the records (ie. test scores) and base the majority of the decision-making process on the past test scores of the academic institution. ** 1a. But as much as you value the past scholastic performance of the school in the selection process, lets not forget to consider the personas that educate your child and the possible influence (especially negative) they may have on your child later in life, when it comes to deciding on the campus of choice.

2. Does your school of choice operate in a legally-zoned location?
In this photo from the Eastern Group Publications, it can be discern that the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School (building in yellow) is located next to an establishment that sells alcohol. Parents should question what can first, the school or the alcohol-serving eatery? Then upon answer, ask why the school continues to operate in that location.

3. Are your children be educated in a safe, healthy environment?
All parents before making their final choice on educational institutions, should examine the location for potential hazardous conditions that may have future harmful ramifications for your children. Further, make sure that your education institution of choice does not value its political connections over the safety of your child.

4. Is your choice of educational institution open to outside scrutiny?
Your most important right as a parent when you had made the choice of educational institution for your child, is the ability to question practices or petition for information under California Law, without the fear of legal retailiation. If your school has resorted to "S.L.A.P.P. Legal Threats" against its critics, then they may have some disturbing educations skeletons.

5. Legal safe zone for the drop off and pick up of your children.
 Your child safe educational experience begins and ends each day when you drop off and pick up your children from school. Its imperative that you insure that your education campus of choice, has a legal protocol in place to safeguard the health of your child during this most chaotic part of the school day.

6. Does your school prepare nutritional meals within permitted kitchens?
Not only do excellent institutes of higher learning motivate, in mind, the desire to excel in scholastic pursuits, but also exposes the child to the importance of a proper diet to sustain the energy for productive learning. Questioning what your child would eat in the event that the school's nutritional facilities did not have proper permits, could be the difference, whether later in life, your child develops a fondness for this type of food.
"The Official Pizza of Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School" (** allegedly).

7. Does your school practice openness and transparency when it comes to financial issues?
 Xokolatl Gift Card
"Pay or Quit Letter" for Xokolatl Coffee Shop.
Its your right under *IRS code and California Law to question or ask for financial documents pertaining to the financial operations of your educational institution (especially 501C3 Charter Schools). Be suspicious if your school administration has issues paying its bills or ask you as condition of your child's enrollment, to pay a minimum for certain school-related items.

8. How is your school perceived by its surrounding community?
When selecting an institution of higher learning for your child, its a good idea to gauge community acceptance  of the campus and its administration. If you come across a letter such as this, then maybe give a long thought about enrolling your child elsewhere.

9. Does your school of choice engage in questionable community actions?
If the "Executive Director" of your school "strongly recommend" that you take part in a protest against a respective community eatery as part of your child's continuing enrollment, then maybe you should pause to think about removing your child from the school's attendance roster.

10. Lastly, do you want to enroll in a school that calls its critics "Anti-Mexican Agitators"?
Lastly, we understand that your child's K-12 educational experience will hit a bump or two (or more if enrolled in LAUSD), but an institution of higher learning should pride openness and transparency, especially when a violation of policy takes place or expectations for academic achievement are not meet. A school that reverts to calling its critics "Anti-Mexican Agitators", instead of taking accountability for its wrong-doings, is not worthy of your child's enrollment.

Your thoughts and a healthy, successful 2012-2013 School Year.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger g said:


August 13, 2012 3:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Scott Johnson lives in subsidized housing with his mother in Ramona Gardens. That this rant and personal vendetta against a school where children come first is full of typographical errors and grammar faux paus is evidence enough that his own education was less than effective. Let's ask him for a little transparency about his own reasons for going after Semillas del Pueblo. Our community should celebrate the fact that a school is growing because that means more parents are putting their children first. Scott Johnson puts parking and businesses first but has no trouble taking Semillas to task for opening a high school next to a restaurant that serves alcohol. Will somebody please put Scott's address online so we can address these equally valid concerns directly to him. We must not let him continue to hide behind a computer while living off the goverment's largesse and his mother's mac and cheese.

August 14, 2012 4:53 PM  

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