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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour Musings on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

 Another Happy Hour Drink via Tony
Great Happy Hour Musings on the LA Political Machine for Thursday. Join us as we tip the glass and enlighten you on these political items that may find their way into someone's decaff morning coffee in the A.M. ; ) --- Scott Johnson.

BREAKING NEWS!! Shooting at SNL location at Highland Park Recreation Center, ** Update: one teenage female wounded 
Mayor Sam has received phone calls regarding two shooting within 45 minutes in Highland Park, including one at the Highland Park Recreation Center. The first shooting took place at 4;00 P.M. near Franklin High School. The second shooting happen 45 minutes later at Highland Park Recreation Center when two females were shot at by an unknown gunman. There are no reports of injuries at this time. ** The Highland Park Patch is reporting that one female teenager was wounded at the shooting near the Rec. Center.
According to Highland Park Senior Lead Officer Mark Allen, two female teenagers were sitting near the Highland Park Recreation Center (6150 Piedmont Ave.) when they were approached by two suspects who opened fire on the girls at around 4:40 p.m.One of the teenagers was wounded and rushed to hospital by LAFD paramedics, Allen said, adding that no further details were available about the incident.   

Los Angeles City Controller and 2013 Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Valley Greuel".

Damn!  that publicity-chasing, shallow-auditing, mayoral office seeking Valley Greuel is at it again.

All you need to know about The Valley Greuel latest publicity-chasing , blonde finds out lately audit of a local political controversy is this paragraph from the LA Times missive on her latest media attention exercise.
Many of the findings mirrored those in an August 2011 report by State Controller John Chiang, which cited "possible malfeasance" in the district's selection of an inspector general, an office set up to police allegations of waste and mismanagement in the construction program. That report led the district's board of trustees to call on Greuel to review the process. 

By far, the best deconstruction of the Valley Greuel's latest publicity exercise is done by Ron Kaye.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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