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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

...... on this year's
"State of (Abandoning?) the Town of Eagle Rock Speech".
The likes of Michael Larsen, Pot Shop owners, the Eagle Rock Patch, connected CBOs, Tom Topping (if invited) and other Eagle Rock luminaries will spent quality time away from their close ones this evening on what should of been the last "State of the Town of Eagle Rock Speech" by "Downtown Councilman Jose Huizar".
As questions about the future of Colorado Blvd., Pot Shops, Massage Parlors, Yosemite Park and increase in crime await resolution in the minds of constituents, their councilman has quietly been working the Redistricting Commission to make Eagle Rock and its issues, the future responsibility of either CD 1 or CD 13.
The proposed map released by the Redistricting Commission shows that Councilman Huizar was partly successful in removing Highland Park (no more "MorYork Gallery Shakedowns" by staffers), Glassell Park (Bye, Bye Bradley!) and most of Mt. Washington (Hasta La Vista Southwest Society) from his district. But his bold plan to trade all of the Northeast for the campaign riches of CD 9's Downtown LA, came up short with Councilwoman Jan Perry holding on to LA Live and Councilman Huizar forced to endure four more years of phone calls from Garvanza and Eagle Rock.
Thus, the likes of Michael Larson and the Huizar enablers in what remains of Councilman Huizar's Northeast domain should fortify themselves to the fact that their "3 for loyalty" will not have the same value of a "Downtown 3" in a new "Downtowncentric CD 14" as the medical ganga burns on in Eagle Rock.
** BRAVO! This to the Korea Times Editorial Board for stating the obvious about true reason for redistricting in Los Angeles. ITS ALL ABOUT THE SPOILS STUPID! From the toothless LA Times.
In a biting editorial, the Korea Times attacked lawmakers for treating Koreatown like a "cash register" by taking campaign contributions from the neighborhood but not fighting for it.

Plus, you add in the cost of doing "cash only business" with certain city departments, and the bottom line of doing business in a future CD 10, become subject matter for investigated agencies.
** This should be a simple formula for corruption in government.
"Cash payments of public money to union strongman = TROUBLE!"
But as the LA Times goes front page, above the fold (and to the right of outer fishwrap advertisements) on the latest expose of monetary malfeasance at the Coliseum Commission, does anyone notice the absence of the siren sound of the media-seeking ambulance chaser of audits, City Controller Wendy "The Valley Greuel"?  
But as noted in the "Weekly of Record" this is one audit that is "too close for political comfort".
Others, however, have painted the union as a victim, noting that benefits and tax liabilities have been lost if these allegations are true. City Controller Wendy Greuel told us previously that "IATSE clearly followed the rules on so many levels."    

.... and what would LA Weekly Editor Jill Stewart think of that comment from the "Valley Greuel""Pul-eeze!"

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger vtalbot said:

No question that there is a "cash cow" mentality. If 12 or 13 councilmembers can gang up on a few producing districts and take handouts for notoriously shady deals and "good" causes - it leaves little wonder the deals are forcing the normies out of business for parking violations. . .

February 01, 2012 4:05 PM  

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