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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mayor Sam Exclusive: "Was Estela Lopez forced out of Redistricting Commission by Council President Wesson?

 City Council President Herb Wesson does not take lightly proposed infringements on his Koreatown Fiefdom.
Meet "Ex" Redistricting Commission Member Estela Lopez.
** Mayor Sam Exclusive: Mayor Sam and other media outlets are hearing speculation that Central City East Executive Director and CD 1 City Councilman Ed Reyes former representative to the city's Redistricting Commission Estela Lopez, was forced from the boundary drawing body at the urging of City Council President Herb Wesson.
According to the source, Lopez was part of a sub-committee working on the boundaries of the new CD 4 and recommended that Koreatown be included within the area of CD 4. This did not sit well with the Council President who wants the same area incorporated fully into his CD 10 district and prompted this ultimatum to CD 1 Councilman Ed Reyes, that unless Lopez was replace by Reyes, CD 1 would see Dodger Stadium redrawn into another council district. Thus, Councilman Reyes forced Lopez to resign. 
What is apparent now as Redistricting 2012 moves towards its end game in the City Council, a process that promise openess and transparency, has been hijacked by the elites such as Los Angeles County Labor Federation Leader Maria Elena Durazo and "fellow traveler" Mayor Antonio Villar. Thus the ending result is fifteen council fiefdoms that feed the "money bag needs" of their anointed leaders.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14      

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Blogger Hummingbird said:

This is exactly what should NOT be happening with redistricting. It's about voter rights it's not about political favors and back door deals. The lot of them should be removed for this unethical behavior. Where's the city attorney who is in charge of ethics enforcement on this issue. Oh wait, he still has not gotten Richard Alarcon's cheating the voters in order yet. No help there. This needs to be brought to the Attorney General. Just sayin.

February 01, 2012 8:12 AM  

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