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Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Briefs on the evolving Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

Mayor Antonio Villar and new City Council Budget Committee Chairperson Paul Krekorian. Krekorian's past comments on City Council President Herb Wesson's close ally Mayor Villar. Krekorian said the city is “facing too many crises right now to have the captain of the ship running off to run for another office” and added that “there have been a lot of disappointments in the mayor’s leadership of the city.”
“He came in with incredible promise -- gave one of the great speeches I think that I heard when he was inaugurated,” Krekorian said. “And we all know in many ways his administration has fallen significantly short of that, I think in large measure because he has been looking outside of the city to other things.” Wonder if this still stands in the wake of Councilman Krekorian's selection as the Budget Committee Chairperson?
Great Monday to all as the Los Angeles Political Elites ponder the changing boundaries, committee assignments and rumors originating from 200 N. Spring Street. Meanwhile, average citizens are organizing to plan their course of action regarding the elites proposed changes to their council boundaries. For example, many in the newly elongated CD 4 are in agreement that the proposed boundaries is a fail experiment in mixing the "water and oil of diverst political interests". For those in the rural foothills hinterlands, the vigilant citizenry have awaken to a possible "CD 7 Alarcon/Fuentes Future" and are organizing their push back to Michael "MEAT" Trujillo's handiwork. Then there is this from a "Princeton Graduate" on his expertise to brow beat, black ball, strong arm, and rate the loyalty and influence of all of downtown interests in one council fiefdom. 
But as one constituent ponders where their councilman stands on redistricting, that councilman has commented on his new committee assignment. Read after the jump.
Councilmember Krekorian Releases Statement on Budget ChairmanshipLOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles City Council reorganized itself into new committees today, with Councilmember Paul Krekorian taking the helm as chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee. In response, he released the following statement: 
“During a time that our City faces unprecedented budget challenges, I accept the responsibility of chairing the Budget & Finance Committee with full awareness that there will be no simple fixes or easy solutions.  But with every great challenge there is great opportunity, and we must seize this chance to create a municipal government that effectively and efficiently provides the services our residents need and deserve.  How we respond to this time of crisis will define Los Angeles for years to come, and the work we do now can and must create a firm foundation upon which to build a strong future for our city. 
“For eight years, Councilmember Bernard Parks has led this committee with dedication, skill and vision.  His fiscal discipline has helped keep the City afloat in incredibly stormy seas.  All Angelenos are in debt to Bernard Parks for his service as Budget Chair.         
“I am very proud of the record of achievement that we established during my chairmanship of the Education and Neighborhoods Committee, and I am confident that the path forward for neighborhood councils is now bright.  While I will no longer chair that committee, I will continue my commitment to a stronger neighborhood empowerment movement in this city.”
Yet nothing on the potential abandonment of those who where instrumental in electing Krekorian to City Council ..........

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.



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