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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mayor Villar the "Master Debater"? We think naught

Mayor Antonio Villar from his "We Clean Your Toilets" Speech.
Lets credit LA Weekly's Simone "The Snarky One" Wilson for her objective and thoughtful missive on the debating skills of Mayor Antonio Villar, that is, the lack of. Wilson, who like the "Bloggin Commandante", leans towards amnesty towards illegal alien lawbreakers, still had the audacity to blast Mayor Antonio Villar's CNN debate performance on immigration with former President George W. Bush's Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.
Mayor Villar has over the years, morphed into a tire cliche machine when it comes to immigration,  "I build bridges, not fences". "A pathway to citizenship" and the most famous, "WE CLEAN YOUR TOILETS!" come to mind when forced to flashback on Mayor Villar's previous pronouncements on immigration. But Gutierrez is right on when exposing both parties shortfalls on immigration. 
Establishment Republicans see illegal aliens as a cheap pool of disposable labor who are left to their own devices in their day to day struggle to survive in a illegal underworld. Democrats see illegals as a ready source of voters to tip a split electorate back into a democratic tilt to the left with another round of amnesty, plain and simple. That is why billions of dollars in services to illegals is an acceptable investment considering if amnesty ever comes, then these voters can be counted upon to support higher taxation to offset their costs.
But for President Obama, the short term question is whether cliche-laden politicos such as Mayor Villar are the right messengers on hot button issues like illegal immigration (for bloggers and talk radio hosts, give us more "WE CLEAN YOUR TOILETS!"). But to do proper justice on the immigration issue, we need a dialog devoid of catch phrases and a renew dedication to common sense policy that predicates enforcement of current laws, with a guest worker program that makes the employer responsible for the health and welfare of their workers and lastly, a path to citizenship for those first who have followed the rules. 
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