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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Los Angeles Politics HotSheet for Thursday

The wheels coming off the bus is a term that seems to have been used quite a lot lately, but it's probably an apt one to describe the campaign of UFLAC President Pat McOsker for CD15. Here in our pages we've chronicled (as well as other blogs) McOsker's apparent foul temper and even fouler mouth. Those qualities generally do not endear one to others and that appears to be the case here.  McOsker has failed to gain the endorsement of his own union and may face a vote asking him to step down as head of the union next week.

Speaking of the bus wheels and angry tempers, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich - who wants to run for District Attorney - is potentially facing accusations of an alleged physical assault. Activist and blogger Zuma Dogg has Tweeted that  Trutanich "grabbed my neck and shook my head." Zuma tells us "this is 100% true." Zuma also recently disclosed that during the 2009 City Attorney campaign Trutanich allegedly promised a job to the performance artist turned political agitator but upon election reneged on the pledge.

The election for Mayor of Los Angeles is almost two years away but candidates are finding early fundraising success.  Rainmaker Eli Broad and former Mayor Dick Riordan have blazed a trail for former Villaraigosa staffer Austin Beutner to collect $405,000; in the meantime radio talk show host Kevin James has raised over $100K from small donors.

Wendy Greuel takes her mayoral campaign road show to the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council; a Patch commenter refers to the City Controller as "LA's version of Sarah Palin."

Does being the son of the Mayor of Los Angeles help grease the skids for approval for a controversial mural? Antonio Villaraigosa, Jr. is involved in the creation of a series of murals many Mount Washington area residents are not happy with.  Despite Neighborhood Council approval, submission of a support letter to Cultural Affairs will be delayed in order to gather more community feedback.

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Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

It's not POTENTIAL. I am saying with all certainty, and there was someone who witnessed it. It happened toward the end of the election, when Nuch was running. I am only remembering the incident, tonight, because I have a WICKED headache down my neck, and I never get headaches, so I was trying to think what could be the cause. I'm not saying this was the cause, but it's what caused me to remember, that one day, I was waiting for the City Attorney debate to start. I was talking to Noel Weiss (another candidate running against Nuch). Trutanich walks up and puts his hands around my neck and starts shaking my head back and forth. WHAT!?!?! How about, "Hey Buddy, how ya doing," and a handshake. And the look on his face with his teeth clenched.

Not like it was in the back of an alley, but in reflection, it's kinda shocking.

I'm not gonna get into what I think it was about (politics), but HAVE YOU EVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO SOMEONE ELSE, FOR WHATEVER REASON?

The guy is City Attorney, running for District Attorney. You'd think HE of all people...DAMN! That's the sign of an angry guy. Plus, my neck hurts.

July 28, 2011 12:40 AM  

Blogger g said:


July 28, 2011 6:22 PM  

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