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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jerry Brown's Plan for the Economy

Great piece in the National Review that shows how Jerry Brown's spin that he's some sort of fiscal conservative is just one big joke when you look at his record as Governor.  The point being while Jerry talked budget cuts and fiscal pragmatism he enlarged the size of government through additional boards and agencies and he is directly responsible for the growth in power of public employee unions which is the source of most of the issues government is having now.

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Blogger Phil Jennerjahn said:

Jerry Brown is a Communist.
He believes in an ever-expanding government that exerts more and more control over its citizens.

He'll throw you in jail for using a plastic shopping bag.

I won't be voting for him.

September 12, 2010 12:38 AM  

Blogger Michael Higby said:

but you won't vote for Meg either. that's just like voting for jerry.

September 12, 2010 1:20 AM  

Anonymous Dan Mariscal said:

Running a business is not the same as running state government, as Mr. Rizzo, from the City of Bell, will attest to. Greed and hunger for power are better tolerated in the private sector. Alas, once again, it comes down to the lesser of two evils, and I fear more the motivations of Meg, than the abilities of Jerry.

September 12, 2010 7:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


I grew up in East L.A. in the 70's when Jerry Brown was Governor. I remember sports leagues, summer park trips to Magic Mountain, Disneyland, I remember public school grounds being available to us kids in the summer, I remember the crime rate plunging in East L.A.

These "communist" programs kept me, my siblings and my neighbors out of gangs and trouble. All my siblings and friends went on to college.

When Duke the Puke took over, crime increased, crack came in to the neighborhood along with AK47s, gang population quadrupled - the whole 80's generation was lost and it continued during Wilson's tenure.

Brown was building schools for us and the Duke and Wilson were planning to build prisons in our neighborhoods.

I now live in my own home in San Gabriel, all my kids are college bound and my family's future couldn't be brighter. This I owe to Jerry Brown and his "socialist" agenda.

Numbers don't lie, take a look at drop out and crime rates in the inner city under Brown and compare them to Rep governors.

Jerry is going to win because in our community the proof is in the pudding. Dems outnumer Reps in this state, thank God, but hey, there is always Arizona!

September 12, 2010 10:03 AM  

Blogger Michael Higby said:

You don't need layers and layers of government agencies to create the wonderful experiences and activities such as those you mention.

The Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Little Leagues, places of worship, police boosters, et al ran these programs when I was a kid and it was great. Now you have excessive government programs spending exorbitant amounts of money and getting fewer of the outcomes you wish.

Anyway your story while nice has no bearing on how Jerry Brown will handle and ruin our economy.

Also with respect to crime increase during the 80s and 90s you're speaking to issues beyond how many Disneyland trips Moonbeam might have paid for. That period followed the baby boomlet in the 70s. Birth rates later dropped and are a HUGE part of why in the last few years crime has gone down.

September 12, 2010 10:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


"The Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Little Leagues, places of worship, police boosters,..."

In East L.A. there were no Kiwanis or rotary Clubs or even Little League. The places of worship -Cathoic churches - were off limits to us kids long before any scandal - we knew what was going on. As for police, the Hollenbeck Youth Center was around but only if you wanted to go into boxing - not many Oscar de la Hoyas out there.

If these social clubs did exist they were run by old geezers who meant well but didn't have a grasp on our community - remember, East L.A. was a Jewish, Russian enclave before the Mexicans and Japanese settled there.

Don't underestimate the power of a government sponsored trip to the beach - especially for those of us who lived in L.A. all our lives but never seen the ocean.

In the long run, I didn't go to prison or end up on welfare. In fact, I pay quite a bit in taxes. That is a boost to the economy directly related to Jerry Brown's policies.

September 12, 2010 11:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Michael who is the idiot posting that he didn't wind up in jail because Jerry Brown spent thousand sending him on a trip to the beach?

I also did not wind up in the jail but I never went to the beach with Jerry Brown. It was because my mom, dad, older brother, gramps and even Mr. Estevez next door kicked my ass if I ever fucked up.

And I am BLACK! (Not African-American cause I was never no zulu on a zebra)

September 12, 2010 1:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey Black guy, the idiot posting has a Ph.D. and is a tenured professor. I grew up next to the projects, not in the projects, because my parents didn't know how to apply. My father was a janitor 6 days a week and on Sundays sold sno-cones at the park. My mother was a seamstress trying to make ends meet to feed a family of 6 - they were good Catholics. But with a weekly total net o only $300, there wasn't much to go around. My grandparents were in Mexico and my neighbors were in the same boat as us, trying not to get evicted and putting food on the table.

Jerry Brown's policies opened up a whole new world to us - even giving us a chance to meet "African American" kids from south central on our trips to the beach, or the museum or even the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. This was a great advantage for me when I ventured onto a college campus.

Our parents couldn't afford baysitters but knew we were in good hands with all those youth counselors - jobs created by Jerry Brown.

Government can't solve all the problems - that is clear. But there are some situations in which the only answer is a government program because only through such a program will everyone be included and no one excluded.

Perhaps you should have taken advantage of some of Jerry Brown's programs, you probably would not have ended up as bitter as you are thinking the whole world owes you - not the other way around.

September 12, 2010 1:27 PM  

Blogger Joe B. said:

National Review? Seriously?

September 12, 2010 1:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Guess what Fatso. Joe B(ully) just bottlecapped the discussion.

You can't get a word in edgewise on your own blog!

The bullies are running the asylym!

September 12, 2010 2:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Phil, what is your campaign platform?

You're wasting time commenting on subjects that aren't pertinent to City Council and your campaign.

Start giving us your campaign platform.

September 12, 2010 2:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If ever there was a sign that Higby is an out-of-touch white guy, it's his mentioning " Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Little Leagues, places of worship, police boosters."


September 12, 2010 2:22 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What kind of naive fool would pull out stories from the '70's and compare how great things were compared to 2010? I hope you don't really believe what you are saying. Common. What is this...Wonder Years?

September 12, 2010 3:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Phil's not voting for Meg? Hm, I think I am starting to like him a little bit now.

September 12, 2010 5:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank you Dan. I fear the motivations of Meg also. She's scary.

September 12, 2010 5:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mr. San Gabriel -

Thank you for coming here and talking sense like Mr. Mariscal.

Higby, you'll never get anywhere with that Moonbeam comment considering that task ended up being accomplished because Brown is progressive and Mike Royko apologized about that name later.

-Jerry Brown supporter

September 12, 2010 5:46 PM  

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