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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Promoinator Pushing Cali Wine in Hangzhou

What else would you do in this stage of your governorship?

-Speaking of Republican Governors and those that wanna-be; Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, in her ongoing quest ($104 million so far) to buy the governor's office, has come up with a few, uh, corporate ideas for California:

* Replacement of 40,000 state employees by outsourcing or privatizing state services to for-profit corporations.
* Major reduction or outright elimination of a wide range of business taxes.
* Cutting back funding for California's underfunded public education system, apparently by reducing "50 categorical grants, many of which which are duplicative and far to prescriptive, into simplified grants... "
* Her firm pledge to roll back California's historic clean energy and climate legislation, at least for a year, in her continued effort to help corporations at all costs.

-And lately, every time I hear "Governor, Outsourcing, and Corporations" in a story, my thoughts go immediately to Sunland-Tujunga's former hometown girl gone wrong, Jan Brewer, and her love affair with the corporate prison system. Hey, no SB1070 connection here, right? Just asking.

-It's September and what's with the butt cold nights? Why not do what Abby Diamond is doing this weekend and visit the amazing Guadalupe Oasis Hot Springs, located just an hour or so east of Tijuana. This isolated and primitive resort is one of northern Baja's best kept secrets. Don't try to drive in yourself unless you're sporting a 4x4. See their website for alternative means of access.

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