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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Craig X. Rubin Interview!!

1. Craig, you were just released from several days of incarceration here in Los Angeles. Tell Mayor Sam readers what happened.

I took a young man from my church, thefamilychurch.com, and I bought him a suit, shirt and shoes because he needed some clothes that fit. On the way to pick up my wife and take the young man to dinner with my family we stopped by our shop. He was waiting for me in my wife's t-shirt shop as I ran into my office. It was then that 12 police officers came in with guns loaded and pointed. They scared the young man into running from them into the back offices and they charged me with child endangerment.

2. From your explanation of things, it sounds like you feel that you were being unfairly targeted. Was this raid and arrest a political arrest based on your previous high-profile cannabis activism?

Yes, I believe it was politically motivated because they said I was under arrest for selling medical marijuana. My attorney had been in touch with the City Attorney's office and they said they were dealing with this as a zoning issue and not a criminal matter. On our way to the police station we passed over 16 medical marijuana clubs and were joking with officers Walden and Bruno in the car about the situation.

3. Some of the cannabis community activists are saying that this raid was the work of Jane Usher. In fact, some of them seem to be more angry about her than about Nuch Trutanich. Why are they blaming her in particular? Is there a personal history between you and Jane?

Yes, my father (Norm Roberts) hired Jane's husband, Harry Usher, to be the CFO of the 1984 Olympics. My father had also recruited Peter Ueberoth to run the games. Judge Leslie Dunn who has signed warrants against our community is the husband of my former employer Peter Dunn over at Korn/Ferry International. It is a small world and I don't see why these people are fighting me so harshly as my wife and I have always tried to provide cannabis in a compassionate way, through a church or temple, because we know that true healing comes from G-d.

Our attorney has informed us that the police who arrested us were not ordinary police officers, but were specifically working for the City Attorney's office, so yes, I am confident that this was an attempt on my life by the politicians of this city. They are afraid to kill me themselves, so they have me thrown into County Jail hoping I'll just die or be killed.

4. When we were both running for Mayor of Los Angeles back in March of 2009, I came to be on a friendly basis with Nuch Trutanich. I assume some of the other candidates - yourself included - had that same opportunity as we all spoke at some forums and Neighborhood Council meetings together. Describe your relationship with Nuch , if any. What is your opinion of his hardline approach to the marijuana collectives?

He and his very tall and attractive wife were nice to both my wife and myself as well. We didn't get to know them as we did candidate David Berger. My wife and I both think Mr. Berger is a gentleman. We have no bad feelings towards Mr. Trutanich and I hope he didn't send me to jail intentionally to send a message to others because that would be bad. Surviving jail is not easy and I did almost die in there. The food was horrible and I didn't eat or sleep for seven days with hardly any water. If people are doing wrong I have no problem with law enforcement doing their job, but I am being singled out along with others who speak out and that is pathetic in a "free country."

5. Craig, you have a different angle on the cannabis issue than most. You claim it as a form of religious freedom. Could you explain this a little bit to the readers?

I comply with all state laws regarding medical marijuana, but in my heart I know that truly healing comes from G-d not a plant, so I am there to teach any members of our collective about the Bible. I try not to push it on anyone in an oppressive way, but I think of myself like....the Catholics running a hospital....they use real doctors and medicine, but their reason for doing it is because they know it is the right thing to do because of their faith in G-d.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Phil, Noone cares about Craig, let's talk about your endorsement of Essel and how far south that campaign has headed.

November 01, 2009 9:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is this a joke?

November 01, 2009 10:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Looks like poor Craig is the first victim of Trutanich's secret police force. How is it that he gets to hire 200 cops when LAPD is forced to freeze hiring?

November 01, 2009 10:16 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hang it up Phil.

November 01, 2009 10:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Craig Rubin's 15 minutes was up a long time ago.

Yours was up even before that.

Higby, remind what is the point of Phil being here?

November 01, 2009 10:49 PM  

Blogger Foxy LA Lady said:

I would rather listen to Antonio and his girlfriend's "Betty" all day long, than read anymore of this crap.

Sorry Phil, I know you put a lot of time into this, but this guy's a total whack-job.

November 01, 2009 10:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


The politicians want him dead and are sending the city attorney's police force to throw him in jail so he'll die in there?

Phil, ask him why the politicians want him dead. Is this for real?

November 01, 2009 10:56 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Phil: Thank you for giving us an account of Craig's arrest from his perspective. The whole 'medical' marijuana issue is one that will be in the frontline over the next few months, and Craig is the first to face criminal charges, so it's good to have this.

I do have some doubts about what Craig told you, particularly about the cops who arrested him being from Trutanich's new police force. But then again, this supposed to be a secret police force so maybe it is true.

Why don't you follow up with an interview with Trutanich? Does he really have 200 cops now?

November 01, 2009 11:05 PM  

Blogger Phil Jennerjahn said:

Anon @ 11:05

That's a good idea. I'd like to hear Nuch's side of the story.

I'll contact his office and ask for an interview.
But he's a busy man. I may not get a response.

He has over 1000 marijuana dispensaries to close down. That takes up a lot of your time.

November 01, 2009 11:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Trutanich vowed to hire 200 cops as soon as he got elected, to copy his friend and sponsor DA Steve Cooley over at the County DA's office. DID Nooch get to hire these cops "with private takehome cars and everything" as he said, all quietly and under the radar, "to police the police" and do stuff like this?

Meanwhile it was reported this weekend that the Union representing Deputy DA's in Cooley's office has filed suit against Cooley's vengeance against them, including using HIS secret police force to harass and spy on them instead of the "bad guys" they're supposed to get. This is an extreme abuse of power, an outrageous misuse of our taxpayer dollars to set up a Soviet-style Stasi force while the REAL cops which are protecting people and out in the open finally, have hiring frozen.

Those who say "so what" if Rubin is being singled out and persecuted this way are working for Nooch and sound just evil. If he defied the law in a way that deserves being singled out we need to know about it. These KGB thug tactics are typical of Nooch's abuse of power that he's directed even at elected officials and the well-connected; he clearly thinks that the homeless and "flakes" like Rubin deserve NO respect and can be treated as in N. Korea - it's no coincidence even rightwing Doug McIntyre refers to Nooch's "N Korea tactics."

Rubin is being very circumspect in this interview, doesn't want to believe that the guy who grinned and posed with all the wanna-be candidates is really a callous thug who staged those fake photo- ops and put on an act in a Machiavllian way, but there's more than enough evidence that he is.

November 02, 2009 9:09 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

When are you going to tell the rest of the story about the Neighborhood Council guy? You failed to tell about his correcting email, even though you told us you would.

Also, when are you going to tell us how many signatures you have for the Recall Antonio effort, Mr. congressman?

November 02, 2009 10:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Rubin not only should go to jail he should be shot, so he can be a martyr like his hero jesus christ.

November 18, 2009 11:55 PM  

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