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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Would this get you terminated from LAUSD??

In light of the Los Angeles Times series of articles on termination of teachers, or should we say lack of ??

We wonder if this past episode of questionable ethical behavior would cause the person in question, "home confinement"
Some background from a series of past Mayor Sam posts.
We here at Mayor Sam were e-mail a copy of this "alleged" memo written by Lincoln High School Career Advisor Vera Padilla, who also is a current member of the LHNC and is running for re-election with the so-call "Action Slate". (For the record, the e-mail stated that the "Action Team" slate was attached to this memo.)
If this document is true, then there are questions galore about the ethical behavior of Ms. Padiila.
First, the usage of school letterhead would present a serious "Conflict of Interest" involving Lincoln High School and LAUSD.
Second, if this was done on district time, then questions of sanctions and discipline need to be brought to the table for discussion on why Ms. Padilla is campaigning for re-election and soliciting votes from her fellow staff members, when she is getting paid to create "road maps" that guide students to colleges and careers?
......and the rationale of the teacher involved.
This response from Lincoln High School's Vera Padilla.
Vera Padilla, counselor at Lincoln, is the neighborhood council treasurer. She said that the stakeholder definition in Lincoln Heights includes children as young as 14 who attend school in the area, as well as people who shop or have bank accounts there.“You can shop in Lincoln Heights, you can bank in Lincoln Heights, and there are your voters,” she said.
Padilla, who authored and distributed the memo named in the complaint, claimed that her distribution of the memo concerning the election to school faculty was within her job duties, which include distributing memos to faculty about various neighborhood and school-related functions.
Eastern Group Publications obtained a copy of the memo, dated June 10, along with the complaint. (Padilla offered to submit a copy of the memo to EGP, but it was not received by deadline).
The memo reads “Abraham Lincoln High School” and “Inter-Office Memorandum” in bold letters at the top. It was to Lincoln staff, from Vera Padilla, Career Advisor. The subject is Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council Elections. It is not on letterhead stationery.
The memo begins by giving the time and place of the election. It urges voting, and reminds readers that all teachers, faculty, staff and students in grades nine thru twelve can vote. It then lists various donations from the Neighborhood Council to the school and the community, totaling over $168, 000 in value.“This was my way, a reminder, to get out and vote, “ Padilla said. “To me, I did no wrong.”
.....and reaps the fruits of success.
William Morrison 17
Vera Padilla 378
Manny Z. Rodriguez 176
Since then Vera Padilla has resign her position as Vice-President of the LHNC and the school no longer host meetings of the NC.
Your thoughts......

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

it's the red spot personal axe to grind blog.

May 06, 2009 11:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


May 06, 2009 12:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

NC's must be pissed off because DONE just cut their budget to only $11,000 from $50,000. Sleazy Weezy will be pissed cause the Boyle Heights Neighborhood councilm El Sereno and Eagle Rock all give him their money to use. They are made up of kiss asses. They will jump off a bridge if he said so. Juan Romero president of Boyle Heights NC is opening a Tea and coffee cafe right on 1st street on a city check. Does anyone know who gave him all that money?????

May 06, 2009 3:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hugo Pacheco - get over it already.

May 06, 2009 6:16 PM  

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