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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

As two LAPD Hollenbeck Division Officers recover from injuries resulting from a deadly altercation with an AB-109 "Non-Violent Probationer", speculation is rampant about an alleged, "breech of crime scene protocol", by the now Captain of the newly-created Community Relationships Division (and "close associate" of Chief Charlie Beck), Ruby Malachi.   
Photo via KTLA Channel Five from the Boyle Heights location of the May 13's deadly, officer-involved shooting, which resulted in injuries to two LAPD Hollenbeck Division Officers. 
LAPD Captain I Ruby Malachi.
** As two LAPD Hollenbeck Division Officers continue their respective recoveries following a May 13 Shootout with a supposed (and now deceased) "AB-109 Non-Violent Probationer", speculation is becoming increasing rampant that a certain new "Captain I (and CLOSE associate of LAPD Chief Charlie Beck)" is in need of a refresher course regarding "Crime Scene Protocols". According to multiple sources, Ruby Malachi, the newly-promoted Captain overseeing the recently-created Community Relationships Division, was observed to have breech the May 13 Boyle Heights Crime Scene, as defined by the familiar (and clearly-noted) red color tape, pictured above. This latest episode is surely to garner more scrutiny on how the newly-promoted Captain, was chosen to preside over the equally-new Community Relations Division, forgoing the normal protocol that saw Captains serve in a Divisional Patrol position. 
The Boyle Heights Evergreen Cemetery Voting Precinct?
** KCAL/KCBS Investigated Reporter David Goldstein in his latest installment, finds that Los Angeles County shares some "dead polling proclivities" with the State of Illinois Cook County. Not surprisingly, the majority of the Dead Voters were Democrats ..........., and some cast their ballot by mail. Most longtime political consultants will agree that the best way to bridge the Polling Place to those seeking to cast a vote from the "After Life", is by the Absentee Ballot. This fact may be why the Princeton-educated CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar has proposed that ALL City Elections be facilitated by Mail  Thus, come the time when the termed-out Officeholder seeks to become Mayor, then all he has to do is send a ballot to his Evergreen Cemetery Voting Base ;) ;).
Youth for the Berning Man.
** With yesterday's deadline to register to cast a ballot in the upcoming June 7 Primary, we are hearing reports that a certain Charter School was a site for a last minute Voter Registration Drive by one of the Campaigns. Most would agree that all Public Schools should remain Neutral Ground ......., to be continue.
Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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