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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The People's "Berning Man" Sanders rolls into CD 1's Lincoln Park for Monday Rally (** Morning Update)

With little more that two weeks remaining before the June 7 California Presidential Primary, the surging People's Campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, preps for a Monday Campaign Rally at the City of Los Angeles Council District (Gil Cedillo) One's Lincoln Park. 
The "Berning Man's Campaign" arrives at Lincoln Park.
Morning Update at 7 AM: Media Trucks Galore at Lincoln Park.
Mid-morning gathering of Rally attendees.

** Blogger's Note: As a beautiful Spring afternoon descends into the shadows of evening, a lone truck stands now where tomorrow at around noon, thousands will gather in solidarity with the "Berning Man" of the 2016 Presidentional Campaign, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. With the June 7 California Primary approaching, the surging Presidential Campaign of Sanders is going all out in its battle against embattled Candidate Hillary Clinton. Tomorrow's CD 1's Lincoln Park Rally, most likely planned with the help of Sanders endorser City Councilman Gil Cedillo, should help reinforce the reality that the local Los Angeles Democratic Machine, is divided between the Hilary-supporting Crony Establishment .........., and the Progressive True Believers/ Grass Roots activists. But more important, the choreographed visuals of Monday's Rally will play into the media narrative,  that Hillary is a candidate with issues ............, especially when it comes to likability among the supposed Democratic Party Base----Scott Johnson.
** A Lincoln Park Sanders Rally Parking Advisement: For those driving to Monday's "Berning Man Rally", PLEASE consider arriving early (before 8 AM) because local street parking is acute due to the multitudes of "Big Corporate University of Scandalous Conduct (aka USC) Health Science Campus" Students and Staff, who are NOT USING a new on-site parking garage ..... and adversely impacting Park Parking along Valley Blvd and Mission Road.
Si Se Puede!! Si Se Puede!! ........., in beating Hillary's Phony/Crony Establishment Machine.
The Berning Man with supporter One Bill Gil.
A Pre-Berning Man Rally Song from Steve Earle: "Revolution Starts Now".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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