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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Enabling Hillary and Tonto Huizzy do Cinco de Mayo Campaign Fundraising

As former Impeached President Bill and enabling Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton panders across Los Angeles for Campaign Contributions, we ponder if the aspiring first Woman President will take a pause to review documentation regarding past, alleged Sexual Assaults via today's Campaign Fundraiser Co-host CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar?  
Another dubious distinction for the Princeton Graduate, CD 14 Officeholder.
** Blogger's Note: Great Cinco de Mayo to all as we celebrate another anniversary of our "Neighbors to the South (and financial supporters in the then small Ciudad de Los Angeles)" role in blunting the expansion of the Democratic Slave Culture via their French surrogates, at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Thus, helping Republican United States President Abraham Lincoln preserve the Union. That said, its fitting that today, another skirmish against the 21st Century Democratic Party's "Dependent Enslavement/Crony Capitalist Establishment", is being played out across the City of Los Angeles, targeting its supposed Plantation Leaders Bill and Hillary Clinton. This afternoon, the wife (and aspiring first Woman President) of former Impeached President Bill Clinton, will be pandering to the masses at East Los Angeles College .........., before attending a evening Fundraiser, co-hosted by CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (Hillary cough, cough ........, and more coughs).  Mrs. Clinton, who some have opined as being "THE SMARTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD", must of had (along with her Campaign Team), a momentary lapses of reason, when approving of a Fundraising Event, co-hosted by a local Princeton Graduate Politico .......... with "Husband Bill-like Women Issues (and an enabling, Hillary-like spouse, allegedly)".  We take note in the invite below, that the location of tonight's gathering, was "still to be determine (supposedly in the Downtown LA area), which prompts us, in the spirit of cyber cooperation, to recommend a Pasadena location that the current CD-14 Officeholder knows well. If the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee is true to her words in the video below regarding Sexual Assault, then she can be a POWERFUL voice, empowering those who have been subjective to the alleged horrors of inappropriate Sexual Conduct (as outlined in the Pasadena Police Report obtained via a Public Records Act Request) .........., that's unless those inconvenient moments of infidelity (or worse) by a straying spouse (or campaign supporter/fundraiser), gets in the way of personal, political ambition ----Scott Johnson in CD 14.
Information regarding tonight's "Conversation with Hillary Fundraiser", co-hosted by Jose Huizar.
The Burke Williams Spa in Old Town Pasadena.
Would Hillary Clinton be a voice for a certain Burke Williams Spa Employee, who filed the Pasadena PD Complaint below against her tonight's Fundraiser Co-host in 2005?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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