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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Pending June Election Proceedings for Tuesday

In the weeks leading up to the June Primary, the Mayor Sam Blog will remain fixated on keyboarding coverage regarding the local election proceedings ..........., while musing on the local Political Machine theatrics regarding the 2016 Presidential Elections.
Local Elections Matters, especially when selecting Quality Future Judges such as David Berger.
Our Votes Matters ........., as always.
Yet in 2016, a rare Political Blue Moon occurrence may take place as voters in the "Greece on the Pacific (formerly the Golden State of California)", may have a decisive role on the Presidential Selection Process (especially if Ted Cruz pulls a "Hail Mary" in the Indiana Republican Primary today).
For us here at Mayor Sam, the 2016 Election Proceedings had already taken a bloggin, unforeseen diversion when Assemblyman Mike "Slobo Mikey" Gatto dropped out on an uber-anticipated 25th State Senate District blood-letting against former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino.
But instead of musing on the cyber, astro-turfing antics of "Gatto Truthers", we have been blessed with pending content galore on the local Political Machine theatrics, as the communal political factions take sides, in both the Republican and Democratic Primaries.
As witness with last week's RINO Populist (and past Clinton Foundation Contributor) Donald Trump's Costa Mesa Campaign Rally (view video below), there will be those on the Left-Wing fringe, who will exploit (with the help of indoctrinated Public School grads) the blunt immigration commentary (based on testimonials by the likes of Jamiel Shaw) of the bombastic Billionaire (with multiple bankruptcies), turned shallow, political blowhard.
Protest outside of Trump's Costa Mesa Campaign Rally..
That said, we want to remind our cyber audience that this blog will remain true to its focus on the local elections proceedings as exampled in the "David Berger for Judge (which we endorse)" photo above. 
In addition to bloggin Presidential Election coverage, we list below local elections of interest that will merit cyber-musing in the days leading up to the June Primary.
** The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor District Four and Five Elections: Can termed-out Supervisors Mike Antonovich and Don Knabe help their staffer underlings/candidates, succeed them on the increasing Labor-leaning LA County-governing entity?
** 39th Assembly District Election: Will current Assemblywoman Patty Lopez prove to the Political Pundits that her epic 2014 Upset of Raul Bocanegra, was no fluke?
** 25th State Senate District Election: Even without Assemblyman Mike Gatto, this open seat contest between Anthony Portantino and termed-out LA County Board of Supervisor Mike Antonovich, should provide a barometer on turnout in November.
** 43th Assembly District Election: We would be bloggin remiss if this blog did mot cover the contest to replace the termed-out "Infant Assemblyman", turned "Slobo Mikey" Gatto.
We can also keyboard that other races will show up on our bloggin radar screen in the days ahead ......., but until then.
Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson n CD 14 

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