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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Comment Section Dialog on the Best Usage of Park Space

On the eve of the Los Angeles County-sponsored Park Space Needs Assessment Workshop at the Lincoln Park Recreation Center, we present a past "Comment Section Dialog/Debate" regarding the usage of Green Space at CD 1's Lincoln Park between noted Cycling Advocate Josef Bray-Ali and known Councilman Huizar Supporter Ray Rios. 
Flyer for Los Angeles County Parks Needs Assessment Workshop. 
** Blogger's Note: On the eve of Los Angeles County-sponsored Parks Needs Assessment Workshop for the communities surrounding CD 1's Lincoln Park (see flyer above for information), now would be the bloggin appropriate time to share a recent missive via Richard Rosenberg at the Flying Pigeon LA Blog (associated with noted Cyclist Advocate Josef Bray-Ali), that took CD 1 City Councilman Gil Cedillo To task for allowing Green Space at the Historic Lincoln Park, to be paved over for Parking Usage by Plaza De La Raza Patrons. In a area of Los Angeles that is in need of more Park Space, is not surprising that the $800,000 Parking Lot, would meet with opposition, but as we post below ..........., there is a solitary, connected enabler (or more) who has no qualms (in commenting support) about "Paving Paradise ..., and Putting Up A Parking Lot (for the exclusive use of a selected few)"---Scott Johnson.    

Hazard Park Preservation Committee Member Ray Rios, with Wife Ruth, LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis and USC President Max Nikias.
From Ray Rios:

To respond to your criticism of Councilman Cedillo creating a parking area for Plaza de la Raza. What’s wrong with that? I am a long time resident and community advocate who still resides in the area around Lincoln Park, Hazard Park, and El Sereno and I’ve been around long enough to see both the good and the bad in our community. This parking area is a good thing for OUR COMMUNITY. It provides our community with a whole variety of programs in the arts that would otherwise not be available to our residents. We loved our old Boat House but if it were to be used for something else, Plaza fulfills it in a very positive manner. The video that you showed is so misleading to viewers about all the free parking space around the park. The truth is that there is little community parking on most days, especially weekdays. Between the DMV, Forever 21, and USC Health Science using up all the community parking and access to the park, their leaves no parking for the residents until after 6pm weekdays. So the loss of a little green space is certainly alright with me. Leave the few positive aspects of our community in peace. If you want to use your blog constructively, look at the other side of the park where all the community parking to access the Lincoln Park is being taken up daily by USC employees/students for free. Ray Rios

Cycling Advocate (and Flying Pigeon LA Blog Administrator) Josef Bray-Ali (with microphone).
From Josef Bray Ali:
Raymond Rios,Proving you wrong about “the lack of parking” is already done – I’ve filmed, photographed, and documented the open parking in numerous free lots and on the surrounding streets around Lincoln Park.The question I have for you: how many folklorico classes do I have to teach before I can drive into the middle of a public park?Why can’t people in wheelchairs have the $5,000 needed to bring access to the park up to the bare minimum of access standards?The users of the Plaza are a nasty, entitled, group of snobs when it comes to their place in this community. You teach culture and the arts? Great! Please stop ruining the park grounds!!!\

From Ray Rios:

Sounds like you have a personal issue with Plaza Richard. If you are so concerned with preservation of green space in our public parks, where have you been regarding the preservation of Hazard Park just on the other side of the tracks? We’ve been fighting that battle for over two years. Regarding the filming once again, try filming the streets on any given weekday along Valley Blvd. between 7am and 6pm and post it so that viewers can see the real lack of parking for residents. Anyone who lives in our local community knows the true story of residential parking being taken up by the powers of Universities and Corporations. Most local residents don’t have a problem with Plaza receiving a new parking area either. Maybe you should get involved with the park and see all the positive activities that are occurring on a daily basis. We are currently planning an Independence Day Fireworks celebration at Lincoln Park and Plaza is working closely with our community. Their staff has not struck me as “nasty, entitled, group of snobs” at all. You are also more than welcome to join us in our efforts to improve our parks via our Advisory Boards in Lincoln, Hazard, and Ascot Hills Nature Park in El Sereno. Thanks, Ray

From Josef Bray-Ali:

Raymond,Yes, I do have a personal issue with Plaza de la Raza. It has been outlined in a series of posts on my personal blog and here in this blog as well as in several YouTube videos. My personal problem is 100% due to illegal driving in the middle of my neighborhood park by Plaza staff and patrons. My problem also has to do with substandard pedestrian access to the park and removing of over an acre of park land for an unneeded parking lot at the cost to the City of $833,425.Regarding your other causes: no I will not attend your meetings. I am a private citizen with limited time and a limited budget. I will not become your, or anybody’s pawn. My posts, my videos, are not being done for any material gain and they cost me time and effort. I do them because this park is my neighborhood park, not because I have some savior complex or ego to stroke through certificates of appreciation or what have you. This isn’t extra credit, or “my civic duty”. This is me trying to keep people from abusing the park I rely on to find peace in this torn up worn down over run mass motoring neighborhood.
Survey says ........., who is truly the Park Advocate? (BTW, some background on what happen at Hazard Park ......, and the silence from a certain "Raymond").

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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