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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Former Ramona Gardens Resident Fernando Chacon for City Council (again?) ............, this time in Montebello

From the bricks of Boyle Height's Ramona Gardens Projects, into the cesspool of Southeast Los Angeles County Politics, another member of the infamous Chacon Political Family (Fernando), brings dubious, political cash-laden Carpetbag to Montebello, in search a better political tomorrow (after two losses in Norwalk).
Will Montebello become "RG East" under the control of the Chacon Political Family? (LOL!!)
** Blogger Note: Judging from the "persuasive skills" exhibited by LAPD Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa's "Connected Non-Profit El Centro del Pueblo" Employee Fernando Chacon during a recent protest in Cypress Park, its no wonder that he fail to convince City of Norwalk voters (twice, in 2003 and 2007) that he was suited to serve on its City Council. But you have to credit the audacity of the former Ramona Gardens Projects-residing, now infamous Southeast LA County-based Chacon Political Family (plus the FBI's Indictments of Tom and Ron Calderon), in seeking to find a political office that Fernando can call his own. Thus, becoming the third Chacon (after brothers Hector and Art), along with half-brother, just-re elected Commerce City Councilman Hugo Argumedo (who resigned previously for submitting a false Affidavit), to hold elective office. With the Chacon Family Carpetbag in hand, Fernando has domicile himself in the City of Montebello and is seeking to become a member of its City Council. We should note that his Political Family Mastermind Brother Hector, is currently a Montebello Unified School Board Member ......., and will surely play a lead consulting role in helping Fernando to avoid a campaign third strike. For those who are not well-versed with the past antics, mixed with formal, investigated findings, here are some "cut and paste samplings".
Central Basin Water District Director Art (or is it Hector?) Chacon (The Political Family Bad Boy): From the Daily News ......., Security videos obtained by this news organization show Central Basin Municipal Water District Director Art Chacon behind the wheel of a Mercedes he drove on district property earlier this month. Chacon, who hasn’t had a driver’s license since 2003, was recently censured by the board. He has come under fire for receiving a $597 monthly car allowance — even though he can’t legally drive.
Commerce City Councilman Hugo (half-brother) Argumedo: From the Eastern Group Publications in 2010......, Commerce City Councilman Hugo Argumedo was ordered today to resign from office after he pleaded guilty to filing a false statement in a civil lawsuit, said District Attorney officials. Superior Court Judge Henry Barela also prohibited Argumedo from running for office during the next three years. Argumedo pleaded to a misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice, while avoiding a felony count of perjury by declaration, said Deputy District Attorney Sandi Roth. The D.A. filed the case against Argumedo on Dec. 14. He pleaded guilty to submitting a false affidavit that he had certified as true in a civil lawsuit between the City of Commerce and former city attorney Francisco Leal.
Montebello School Board Member Hector (The Mastermind) Chacon: From EGP in 2014 ........,
California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has fined Hector Chacon, a member of the Montebello Unified School District Board of Education for violations that date back to 2008 and 2009. The FPPC voted at its June 19 meeting to fine Chacon $16,000 for misusing campaign funds and for failing to report economic interests as required by law. According to the FPPC, Chacon’s campaign committee, California Citizens for Good Government, co-named in the complaint, paid his political consulting firm Quantum Management Services approximately $75,000 between 2008 and 2009, in violation of the Political Reform Act.

........, and some background regarding Montebello City Council Candidate Fernando Chacon: From the LA Times .....,  Hector Chacon was a major beneficiary of the political action committee that he helped manage. From January 2008 through mid-2009, the group raised just over $102,000 and paid nearly $75,000 to Hector Chacon's consulting firm, Quantum Management Services. Hector Chacon says he had limited control over how the fund's money was spent and that, in any case, some of it went to subcontractors. Who were those contractors? According to disclosure forms, they included his brother Fernando's graphic design company and Victory Outreach, his brother Art's church.
........, and considering the past issues regarding the Chacon Political Family's "creative finances" , now current Montebello City Council Candidate Fernando Chacon, should be open and transparent regarding the source of the loan to his campaign---Scott Johnson.

Fernando Chacon (in black jacket) tells Art Pulido to not ask about campaign employment opportunities in his Campaign for Montebello City Council.
Does the Chacon Political Family Carpetbag contain many overdue FPPC Reports, due to the dubious origin of campaign money?
Surely, Fernando Chacon's Boss at El Centro del Pueblo, Sandra Figueroa-Villa, will endorse her loyal employee (just like his brother Art) ........., in return for "contract opportunities" in "RG East".
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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