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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Again, CD-14 gets Screwed in regards to Constituent Services

Once again ........., CD 14 constituents gets the bureaucratic shaft when it comes to Bureau of Sanitation follow-through on requests to clean up Illegal Dumping ......., despite Councilman Jose Huizar's past transferring of $1.2 Million dollars plus, of Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station (CLARTS) Amenities Funds, to pay for salaries of staffers to handle these types of case work.
Once again, CD-14 achieves another dubious distinction under the leadership of Councilman Jose Huizar.
** Blogger's Note: With thanks to the Los Angeles Times latest missive regarding the unequal responses to City of LA residents requests to clean up Illegal Dumping, we can say, again, that Constituent Services truly suck in CD 14 (that is unless you are a certified "Huizzynista" in good loyal and influence standing). As the Times points out in its expose on the tracking of city-wide responses from the Bureau of Sanitation, to requests for clean up of Illegal Dumping, the Northeast LA and Boyle Heights areas (followed closely by El Sereno) of CD-14, along with poor areas of South LA, get a lesser percentage of follow through, compare to the rest of the city. For example, as The Times notes ............, Take Van Nuys and Boyle Heights, which had a similar number of requests. Since Garcetti was elected, 30% of requests in the east side area were pending compared with 1% in the Valley neighborhood. But while Mayor Eric Garcetti (along with Board of Public Works President Kevin James) are pledging to correct the supposed technical glitches that need rectifying, we have to ask where is the expected comment of indignation from CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, regarding his constituents being screwed in comparison to the rest of the city? Yet, unlike the rest of the other council districts, CD 14 has transferred in recent years, $1.2 Million dollars plus from the CLARTS Fund to pay for additional staff salaries to handle these types of constituent services issues (but we know in reality that a "certain scheduler's" pay raises were paid for instead). Thus, while the Bureau of Sanitation needs to be held accountable, Councilman Huizar also needs to explain why his large (and well-paid staff) were not being diligent in ensuring quality ......., and fair resolutions to constituents requests for service----Scott Johnson.  
The Act of Follow Through on constituent requests to clean up Illegal Dumping, should not be predicated on Photo-Op value (allegedly).
The LA Times Graphic don't lie in showing that most of CD 14, especially Northeast LA and Boyle Heights (in darkest shade), getting short-changes on responses to clean up Illegal Dumping.
........, and also when it comes to allocating transfers of CLARTS Funds to pay for salaries of staff to handles these types of constituent requests (but hey, Francine got her pay raises for "services rendered"). 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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