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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Recent Pronouncements of "Tata Coco(nut) Mark(os) Aguilar-Ferguson"

The "Aztec Male" of the Lucrative, One Percent Husband and Wife Charter School Indoctrinator/Educator Duo of Mark(os) and Minnie Aguilar-Ferguson, knows no cease in keyboarding controversial pronouncements.
Mark(os) to Minnie: "I just deposited the latest rent payment from the school to us, in time for your latest shopping spree (allegedly)".
Upcoming Disney-Pixar "Dia de Muertos" Animation Film "Coco".
** Blogger's Note: We will anoint this missive a "bloggin exercise in assumption" ..........., considering the latest controversial pronouncements from the "Aztec Male", of the lucrative, One Percent Husband and Wife Charter School Indoctrinator/Educator Duo of Mark(os) and Minnie Aguilar-Ferguson. We assume prior (or still on-going) issues with low API Test Scores and questionable Fiscal Issues are in the past ........., considering that the "Tata Coco" of Academia Semillas del Pueblo has ample time to keyboard pronouncements regarding what (and who) constitutes the latest "Coconut Vendido" to betray the "Brown Collectivist Cause", by selling out to the evil Disney Corporation ........, and that would be noted Chicano Artist Lalo Alcaraz. Apparently, Alcaraz committed a crime against the "Collective" by merely accepting a position with Disney Pixar to share his 'gift of art" with a larger audience and "Tato Coco" feels slighted/betrayed, as evident in this Facebook exchange between the two.
From Lalo:

From Mark(os):
Lalo Alcaraz I'll go back on your show to address this whenever you want. There are millions more just like me. As I recall when you volunteered we were facing real hate from a DISNEY-owned corporate strategy to spread anti-Mexican violence in our community FOR PROFIT (** Did Academia lose a lawsuit against Disney?). Perhaps now that Hollywood is the priority volunteering with the chusma may become beneath you. You wouldn't be the first. Your sharp wit and amazing art is historic. Will you be a player or get played?
LMAO!! After years of musing on the various, self-created controversies by Mark(os) and Minnie, its laughable that the "Aztec Male" would call someone else a "Coconut", considering his own mastering of the "Gabacho, Crony Capitalist Way to Self-enrichment", especially when you use the marvel of counting by Aztec 20, to inflate "Average Daily Attendance" records (allegedly) ......... Plus, billing the Charter School that pays your salary, rent for utilizing the property you, along with wife Minnie own, to pay for their lucrative, "One Percent Lifestyle", on the slopes of Mt. Washington.

Remember, you too can become a "Ragged Poncho to Riches Story" by having your fellow Board of Directors vote to grant to yourself (and wife) a lucrative salary (allegedly). 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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