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Sunday, February 02, 2014

The 2014 Edition of "Super Bowl with Huizzy ( and Clowncil Brother Herb) Contest" brought to you by ( ** any Special Interest who pays the right price for this space)

Its time for the 2014 Edition of the "Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest" with special guest LA City Clowncil Central Committee Strongman ( and Huizzy Political Soul Brother) Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.
** Bloggin Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility for the dubious actions of "Thelma Huizzy" or "Mini Louise Amin Wesson", that may prompt a sudden cancellation of today's secretly planned Super Bowl-viewing festivities. 
Great Super Bowl Sunday to all as our exceptional country's annual celebration of Alpha Manhood takes place this afternoon with the Seattle Pigeons (Seahawks) taking on the Denver Donkeys (Broncos) (** please note the mindset of rabid Rams Fan here) in the 49th Edition of the NFL Championship Game creation of the late Commissioner Pete Rozelle
Since 2008, its been an annual bloggin tradition to place odds on where CD 14 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose Huizar would choose to watch the Super Bowl. This act of bloggin satire was born out of a mystical CD 14 Political Folktale, involving the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" flying to Miami, Florida to watch the game as the guest of the Fifteen Group. ( the owners of the Historic Boyle Heights Wyvernwood Apartment Complex). Thus a bloggin tradition continues.
In 2014, the "Super Bowl with Huizzy Contest" has evolve, much like the current CD 14 Officeholder's "Political State of Being" ( or recent acts of political self-preservation), into a Downtown-centric endeavor. With no apologies to the rest of CD 14, east of the LA River, your chances of hosting a "Super Bowl with Huizzy" are about as good as former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy being the official hostess of today's festivities (** with one possible exception forthcoming).
Thus with no further bloggin banter, we bring you our finalists ( with odds attached) for the 2014 Edition of "Super Bowl with Huizzy", with Special Guest Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson.
1. A Super Bowl Viewing Dialog and its impact on Downtown with the Editorial Board of the Downtown News and Huizzy: (100-1). 
The Downtown Weekly of Record has been effusive with objective praise over the likes of Downtown CD 14 Clowncil Central Committee Member Huizar's various initiatives of late. But the biting musings of its Editor and reigning "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie, may not get the odds of this potential Super Bowl gathering into double-digits.
2. A Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street ( aka LA Times), Huizzy Super Bowl Screening: (500-1). 
When contacted about the speculation of a Old Gray Collectivist Hag, Huizzy Super Bowl gathering, the formerly "Fishwrap of Record" released the following statement directed at its Downtown LA Clowncil Represenative ......... "Clowncilman Huizar, please refrain from engaging in inappropriate acts with staffers and getting into accidents in city vehicles during the course of watching the Super Bowl today". Enough said.
3. A "Rocky Patel", Clowncilman Huizar Downtown Super Bowl Film Festival: (7-2).
This gathering has the potential to be thee local, political gathering to view today's pigskin proceedings (** with high upside on the chances of backroom transferring of "favors" ......, and Affidavits to document them later for public disclosures, in court). We can envision the likes of a certain Montebello (CD 14 East) State Senator, maybe State Senator Kevin De Leon, assorted lobbyists, and most definitely "two Los Angeles Public Officials" ( you can guess who), working with undercover feds, in prosecuting this event to the fullest.
4. A LA Brewery Company Super Bowl Party with "MEAT" and Huizzy: (25-1).
Please pardon us for being kind with the odds posted for this potential Huizzy gathering with his disgraced former Campaign Manager Michael "MEAT" Trujillo. But considering "MEAT's" recent ineptitude in siding with victorious candidates, the luster this potential Super Bowl Party has been reduce to a dive bash, with the likes of Ana Cubas, John Choi and the designated "Bar Greuel", providing the Bar Fly entertainment.
5. A Return Clowncilman Huizzy to City Hall Super Bowl Bash and Fundraiser: (10-1).
We surely cannot ignore the desperation proclivities of Huizzy and his City Clowncil Soul Brother Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson, to squeeze  campaign dollars out of those seeking downtown favors by selling their presence to the highest bidders, These two have shown that no boundaries of jurisdiction ( or ethical ramifications) will get in the way of preserving their "Political Brotherly Love".
** Lastly, A Hecho En Huizzy Y Mexico Super Bowl Bash: (75-1). 
While the 2014 Edition of "Super Bowl with Huizzy" will likely be a Downtown LA-centric affair, there is a forlorn hope, fueled by morning speculation that the Political Eatery of Note in El Sereno, Hecho En Mexico, may be making a last-minute push to host this year's "Super Bowl with Huizzy". Four LAPD cars were seen parked outside of the Eatery this A.M, prompting speculation that a security detail was either engaging in securing the perimeter for a Super Bowl gathering, or, were merely pre-positioning patrol units so that potential party participants could use the backseats as "sobering-up enclaves", to avoid any possible "DUI" issues (especially when operating a city vehicle).
Happy Super Bowl to all and sincerely, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, after all, you do not want to risk rear-ending anyone (especially a retire law enforcement officer) and face the consequences.
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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