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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outtakes from CD 14 Special Report: "Now Mayor Garcetti Staffer Henry Casas revisits Boyle Heights"

The Political Rehabilitation of former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff, now Mayor Garcetti Staffer Henry Casas, makes triumphant curb-side return to Boyle Heights (** notice gentleman in dark suit, on right of photo). But first, a brief mention of our virtual sponsors. ( kinda like a return call from your current CD 14 Councilman).
 The Official Special Interest Billboard of "Outtakes from CD 14".
 The Official $40,000 + Councilman Huizar City-Owned Toyota Highlander of "Outtakes from CD 14". Goes from Zero to a $500,000 Dollar Claim in a Happy Hour Evening (** allegedly). 
.... and feature the Official Tracking Device of ex Councilman Huizar Staffers. (** especially during National Night Out events at the Hollenbeck Police Station), that provides bloggin fodder for "Outtakes from CD 14".
Mayor Eric Garcetti meeting the constituents in cropped version of LA Times photo.
Beautiful first day of Fall to all on this Sunday as we bring you this special "Outtakes from CD 14 Special Report" regarding a former Councilman Huizar staffer, who returns to Boyle Heights, in a better political ( and personal) place.
Last time we bloggin broached on former CD 14 Deputy Chief of Staff Henry Casas, he was an political aspirant, cut loose by his boss after his charges on domestic violence, who was the subject of a verbally-violent Councilman Huizar tirade, directed at another former staffer, Celine Mancia, during a National Night Out Event at the Hollenbeck Police Station.
Casas allegedly caused this incident by merely showing up to observed the festivities, soon after his termination as noted by an unidentified LAPD observer. 
Hey I'm an officer with LAPD and I was there. We did see the incident but we had community folks come up to us later and tell us what happen. They were very upset, unfortunately no one on staff said anything when asked about it. To tell you the truth it makes me sick that he could get away with that. It might have to do with his sister-in-law working at the station. What we did see and what is all the talk at the station was what Huizar's office did to there former Chief Henry Casas. As soon as he got to the event they sent a staff person to follow him around. It was funny to watch. I mean they were on him like white on rice. Every one of us noticed it and even made joke to Henry about Huizar having lo-jack on him. Henry if you read this stuff you are welcome in Hollenbeck any time. Jose, I never liked you after your anti cop statements at the Ramon Gardens and after Henry left your office your stock went down even lower with us but to scare the crap out of one your young female staff is just the last straw. Hope to god that you never mess up and break the law in front of me because I don't care what management tells me to do, I would take you down hard.
August 06, 2009 9:33 AM

Fast forward to the present, and we linked to a LA Times story on Mayor Garcetti's curb-side outreach event, and who do we see in the attached photo? Henry Casas. In closing, we hope nothing but the best for now Mayor Garcetti confidant ........... and we are sure that upon learning this, there will be many smiles among the longtime employees at Hollenbeck.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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