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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

Mayor Eric Garcetti uses AFL-CIO National Convention Speech to mend relations with Organize Labor, Will a "Brother and Sister, Cutting of the Bread" with LA County Labor Federation Strongsister Maria Elena Durazo happen in the near future?
Mayor Eric Garcetti gets lift from his Brothers and Sisters in Labor.
Great Thursday to everyone as the healing vibes of progressive brother and sister reconciliation fill the Third Floor Corridor of 200 Spring Street. The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" ( aka LA Times), is gushing this AM about the pending healing of the riff between Mayor Garcetti and County Labor Federation Strongsister Maria Elena Durazo. What is the big surprise here? Mayor Garcetti was, is and always will be a progressive friend of true laborites, who help him win in May. Thus, the likes of local labor elites such as Boss D'Arcy, Bob Schoonover and Durazo, will only do what comes naturally, that is mend the political fences and push the collectivist agenda forward.
** While the labor progressives make up, the post election honeymoon is over for former Radio Talk Show Host/ Mayoral Candidate/ now Board of Public Works President Kevin James. James takes it on the political chin in a piece by superb ( and sadly), outgoing LA Weekly Writer Patrick Range McDonald, who reports on the secretive process of bypassing community input, in approving a new CD 4/6 Fire Station. We want to wish the blogging best to McDonald as he leaves the "Weekly of Record" to write a book.
** As McDonald sadly moves on from the "Weekly of Record", recent musings from its "Informer Blog" by Dennis "Bloggin Comandante" Romero, are causing us to wonder if he has become the "Lil Assemblyman Mikey Gatto Bloggin Informer". Follow along, Assemblyman Gatto proposes a Bill on broken parking meters, the "Gatto Bloggin Informer" muses. Assemblyman "Lil Porno Mikey" stonewalls on Porn/ HIV Bill, the "Gatto Bloggin Informer" muses. Assemblyman Gatto proposes legislation on Hit and Run Accidents, the "Gatto Bloggin Informer" muses. Then yesterday, Assemblyman Gatto proposes a bill on Carpoll Lanes Assess, the "Gatto Bloggin Informer" muses again. Maybe "Journalist Jill" should ask Gatto Campaign Consultant Parke Skelton to offset the "Gatto Bloggin Informer's" salary?
** Speaking of Parke, if his client is going to run for CD 4, he may want to look up the Silver Lake Environmentalists, who whacked declared CD 4 City Council Candidate and State Senator Kevin De Leon Staffer Steve Veres, with this opinion piece in the Echo Park Patch. Rest assure that Veres Boss proclivities to support plastic bags, is just the beginning of this latest John Shallman Consulting debacle.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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