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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Coliseum Comission Emails Chronicles, Part 1: Where the Brown Act be Damned

The First Part in our Coliseum Commission Email Chronicles, where coarseness is vogue and the Brown Act be damned.
Former Herald-Examiner Sports Scribe and current Coliseum Commissioner David Israel, searching for Backroom Deal-breaking Nazis.
CD 8 City Councilman and Coliseum Commissioner Bernard Parks, the alleged, inept Nazi "Colonel Klink" of the Commission.  
 ** Blogger's Note: Once upon a time in recent Los Angeles History, there was indeed a "Fishwrap of Record", not a "Otis Graying Collectivist Hag on Spring Street", but a "Hearst Examiner Paper on Broadway". As a child learning the act of reading, the daily review of musings from the best Sports Section in Los Angeles, was an exercise in vocabulary building via the likes of Allan "Mud" Malamud, Melvin Durslag, Lyle Spencer, Doug "Dougie" Kirkorian and a young sports writer named David Israel. Years later, Israel has parley his "craft of musing" into a lucrative life style of riches and political connections via his appointment to the Coliseum Commission by former Governor Arnold "The Kennedy Republican" Schwarzenegger. But sadly, a youth of today who was looking to grow he or she's vernacular via the latest Coliseum Commission musings of Israel, will need a bar of soap to clean the coarseness, a visit to the Holocaust Museum for lessons in sensitivity and most important, a tutorial on openness and ethics in governmental affairs. No wonder why Israel and his Coliseum Commission cohorts wanted back the documents given to the LA Times by an unidentified person, for the "act of fact-checking" is so easy when Israel's latest coarse and insensitive musings, are on the record---Scott Johnson.   
Commissioner Israel's email comments on meeting fixing and comments regarding Councilman Parks.
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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