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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Steve "Mini Riordan I" Soboroff's Mouthful First Day as LAPD Commission Chairperson

From former Los Angeles Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt "Foot in Mouthpiece" to new LAPD Police Commission Chairperson, Steve "Mini-Riordan I" Soboroff has never been at a lost for words.
New LAPD Commission Chairperson Steve "Mini-Riordan I" Soboroff
Playa Vista Developer/ Political Insider/ Former Mayoral Candidate Steve Soboroff will never be the politico poster child of understating a given cause or policy position.
Beginning his Recreation and Parks Commission days in the 1990's, mixed with a fail mayoral campaign, a successful effort to develop the massive Playa Vista Project and a disjointed stint as the "Foot in Mouthpiece" for reviled, former LA Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt, "Mini-Riordan I" Soboroff has never been accuse of an understatement (maybe with bombast for added affect).
Witness the very first moments yesterday after his selection by Police Commission peers as its new Chairperson. "Mini-Riordan I" emulated his fellow RINO Republican mentor ( by taking a hasty policy position) in pontificating on his desire that all LAPD field officers be equip with uniform-fitting video cameras.
On the surface, the idea has merit and should undergo further vetting, but just espousing a new policy position for the sake of garnering column inches in the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" ( BTW, just think of the coverage "Min-Riordan I" would be receiving today in a Dick Riordan owned fishwrap, but I digress), does not gloss over "big picture" policy issues that are of more paramount concern.
For example, now LAPD Commission President "Mini-Riordan I" Soboroff needs to reform the politically-corrupt "Com-Stat Crime Reporting System" that has seen LAPD Senior Lead Officers become political shills for Police Chief Charlie Beck's cover-up on the true levels of violent crimes in LA.
But even of more paramount concern, is the impact of AB-109 Prison Realignment on an already, overextended LAPD. "Mini-Riordan I" Soboroff should ponder what good video-equipping LAPD patrol officers will do when close to 300 Blue Liners are being redeploy from street duties, to deal with the ramifications of now City Attorney Mike Feuer's Legislative Co-authored "Non Revocable Parolee/ Non-Violent Offender" debacle.
We wish "Mini-Riordan I" the best in his new public calling, but as in the case of his former Mayor/ Mentor, putting thought before espousing, is better than swallowing foot. 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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