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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Latest Conquest of the "Trojan Horse of Community Destruction" at City Hall

Conquest and death to those who get in the way of the USC "Trojan Horse of Community Destruction"
A USC Tree Kill coming to Hazard Park.

As expected, the developer enablers, plus a RINO of the City Council's Planning, Land Use Management Committee (PLUM), voted to move forward the "University of Scandalous Conduct's" $1 Billion dollars  USC Village Project nears its four year, community college campus, along the Figueroa Corridor.

As part of their proposal, the "University of Scholastic Compromise" pledges to build some affordable housing and will pay for a new LAFD. But as the current media attention is focus on USC's main campus proposal, just northeast of Downtown LA, USC is in full taking mode, as it consumes decades old, middle class homes on Playground Street and now seeks city approval to extend Norfolk Street through Hazard Park (wiping out a popular handball court), taking more parkland, with its mature trees, to widen Soto Street.
Mature trees and park space await day of reckoning with the "Trojan Horse of Community Destruction".
Hazard Park in the pas,t has been ground zero for open space preservationists, who feared that USC may may have grand designs on all or parts of the park.

* USC's health services campus. Over the years, the medical school has expanded by taking over homes and other property across the street from Hazard, sparking concerns that access to the park and the wetland could be limited. The university has purchased an old, degraded portion of the wetland area north of Norfolk Street and Hazard Park.

USC's response at the time (2000) was this .....

Jane Pisano, USC's senior vice president for external relations, said the university has no plans to build on parkland. "The university respects and values Hazard Park," she said. 

Twelve years later as the photos above highlights, the Pisano comment above, merits USC the distinction as being an "University of Scandalous Conduct".

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Scott Johnson in CD 14. 

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