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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Outtakes from CD-14 Special Report: Region 8 NC Elections Saturday

Today is Election Day for all CD-14 NC's outside of Downtown LA
Will NC elections serve as a barometer of the "Princeton Graduate, Dear Charro" City Councilman's influence, as we near the mid-way point of his second full term?
But there is no questioning the fact that current CD 14 staff will be out and about today, observing and ensuring, that the "right candidates" are getting the right amount of voting resources (via the promises of turkey vouchers, Christmas toys and maybe, some CLARTS love). 

Yet, today's exercise in advisory democracy, has generated some headlines, that may have future repercussions on such issues as the future of the Southwest Museum, Medical Marijuana, unregulated charter schools, and CBO-led gentrification of a historical community. Below we briefly review each of today's elections and post a link to polling locations. Remember, you too can take part in advisory democracy by merely exercising local commerce in the NC of choice.

:Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council:
The ERNC Election is ground zero for the backlash against the failed Medical Marijuana Ban authored by Councilman Huizar. By the time the polling place at the old Eagle Rock City Hall closes this afternoon, its a 50/50 chance that the ERNC could go to weed, especially if their union allies get out the vote.** This blogger endorses Robert Guevara for President of the ERNC.

Highland Park Neighborhood Council:
The Highland Park Patch has done their civic duty by fostering a mostly positive dialog among the candidates. But some activist are leery of local Soccer Strongman Raul Macias getting elected to the board.

Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council:
This election boils down to the ASNC preservationists vs. the Hermon breakaway faction led by Joseph Riser (and allegedly supported by Councilman Huizar). Recently, DONE remove the ASNC from "Exhausted Measures" status, after what some are calling a "white-wash investigation" of questionable expenditures by Hermon activist Mark Legassie.

LA-32 Neighborhood Council:
This year's edition of the LA-32 elections features a crowded At-Large candidate bracket that features 13 hopefuls for 5 seats. Some of the candidates include Tammy Membreno, Anthony Manzano, Edward Santillan, Jose Aguilar and Hecho En Mexico Eatery Co-owner Connie Castro.

Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council:
Its CBO get out the vote day as the likes of Inner City Struggle, ELACC, El Centro de Ayudo, Youth Opportunity Movement, Wolfpack Football, Girls Today, Woman Tomorrow and other fledging CBOs, work with the likes of the "Huizzy Girls" (Mago Amador with the Del Pozo ladies) to continue the Banana Republic ways of the BHNC.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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